10 Challenges A Typical Nigerian Bachelor Faces

Being a bachelor and being married as a man are two different things and each phase has its own life’s experience and challenges.

Being a bachelor in Nigeria differ from being a bachelor in any other country and this article focuses in life of a typical Nigerian Bachelor.

1. THE URGE TO GET MARRIED: As someone who has never been married before, it is natural for every bachelor to have the urge to get married and live with his missing rib to know how it feels like to get married. Irrespective of how the marital experience might get to be, a typical bachelor feels like having a life’s partner and live as husband and wife so as to have the experience. Hence, the urge keeps reoccurring.

2. LAZY TO COOK: The major challenge most of the bachelors face in Nigeria is the challenge of cooking. Most times, the stuff to use and cook are available in the kitchen but laziness flips in. Some bachelors will even have food in the fridge but feel lazy to remove it and warm and eat. This challenge creeps into many bachelors in Nigeria that they prefer eating at restaurant.

3. LAZY TO DO LAUNDRY: Another challenge most Nigerian Bachelors face is washing their clothes. Some prefer taking it to drycleaners even the least thing like panties as a result of laziness. This is why there are many laundry shops in Nigeria and the business is really booming. It is because, most Nigerian Bachelors feel lazy to wash their clothes and since they are not yet married to have their wives wash for them, they prefer taking it to drycleaners.

4. UNEMPLOYMENT: Nigeria has the highest number of Bachelors today as a result of unemployment. This is because, a man who is not working and earn money won’t be able to take care of his family as a couple as most Nigerian Bachelors today live from the hand to mouth because of lack of work. Therefore, the inability to find work and do contribute the many challenges of Nigerian Bachelors.

5. LACK OF FINDING A GOOD WIFE: Another major challenge a typical Nigerian Bachelor faces is the challenge of finding a good woman to settle down with. The society is so adulterated that, finding a good woman to marry is a big deal. Some Bachelors prefer to stay single as a result of not able to find a good woman to marry.

6. SEXUAL URGE: As someone who is not yet married , it is natural to have sexual urge even if it is everyday. Man’s sexual system is different from that of woman and most men with high libidos have sexual urge virtually every day. The challenge of having a woman to go down with as Bachelors whenever they have the urge is indeed a big deal in Nigeria especially to those who donot have the financial strength to maintain a woman as girlfriend and boyfriend.

7. LACK OF SELF ESTEEM: As a result of the way things have turned to be in the country where there is no job for graduates, even if there is job, it is based on connections (man know man), the numerous family and societal challenges, many men have lost their self esteem as they are not able to fit in to what they truly desire. Self esteem has to do with man’s psychology and due to the porous Nigerian system, many Nigerian youths who many of them are Bachelors have restructured their psychology, thereby resulting in low self esteem.

8. LACK OF MONEY: In Nigeria, it is believed that, money is what makes a man and without money, you are as useless as nothing. Though in most cases, the stories usually changed for those with bright future but even at that, anyman who can not boast of money in his wallet is usually regarded as a nobody, thus resulting to a huge challenge to the Nigerian Bachelors.

9. MORAL JUDGEMENT: As this has to do with the intellect, many Nigerian Bachelors have the moral standings challenge. Nigerian Bachelors are always trapped in between how they delivered moral judgement as many do judge based on the societal perceptions. The ability to look at issues critically and give an independent and moral judgement is what makes a man. This is why many at times, Nigerian Bachelors fall below expectations as regard the way they judge issues.

10. STANDING OUT IN THE CROWD:  People believe that, anything everyone accepts is always correct and as a result of this, it is always very difficult to find a man who does something differently from how the society perceives it. They believe, so far the crowd accept it, it is okay and right. This has been a major challenge to most Nigerian Bachelors as it is difficult to find someone who stands out and defends his stance from that of the crowd. At times, what the society sees as right are not always right. Standing out in the crowd as a Bachelor and do things differently from that of the multitude is the best.


Wisdom Bassey

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