10 Important Facts You Must Know Before You Become A Sugar Daddy

For married men, having side chics or girlfriends has become a norm in the larger society. This makes it look nearly impossible for one to believe that there is no married man who does not have a side girlfriend aka Sugar Girl.

Having side girls whose major and only job is to satisfy the sexual fantasies of men has sent many married men to an early grave.

Looking at the recent happenings in the society between sugar daddies and sugar girls, here are the ten important things to note before having sugar girls:

  1. Know that no matter your status, money, wealth, and influence in society, sugar girl can never love you for real
  2. No sugar girl can be truthful to you
  3. You are like prey to them and they are always wanting to consume from you.
  4. A-side girl can never be satisfied with what you give her.
  5. A-side girl aim from her sugar daddy is to milk him dry and nothing more
  6. If there is an opportunity, she will kill you and claim any of your properties she has access to.
  7. That, the only true love you have who will never harm to the extend of death and will always be there for you is your wife.
  8. A-side girl will come and go but your wife stays.
  9. No side or sugar girl is worth risking your life for.
  10. Side girlfriend has a target to achieve from you.
  11. Never compare your wife/family with side girlfriend
  12. Some side girls use jazz against their sugar daddies
  13. No side girl date you with genuine intention
  14. Never expose your secrets or personal data to a side girl.
  15. Some side girls are drug addicts.

Wisdom Bassey

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