10 Important Things You Should Know About Catholic Church

As surprising as it may sound, Catholic is a universal church that operates under same doctrine and norms and also in one fold all over the world. No Pope, Bishop, not even a local priest that pastors a parish can change a laid down doctrine and norms of the Catholic Church and this makes the church more unique and outstanding all over the world.

However, in this edition, I want to bring to you 10 important things you may not have known about Catholic Church.

1. Catholic means, Universal Church.

2. The name was first used by father Saint Ignatius of Antioch.

3. The current leader (head) of the Catholic Church all over the world is Pope Francis.

4. The headquarters of Catholic Church is at the Vatican City, Rome.

5. There are estimated 1.2billions Catholics in the world.

6. The official language of the church used especially during the celebration of Holy Mass is Latin.

7. Catholic Church has only one universal leader and that is called, Pope.

8. A Catholic Rev. Fr. Studies the average of 10years in the senior seminary before ordained as a priest.

9. No Catholic priest is allowed to marry.

10. Apart from Rev. Fathers, there are other set of people who are not permitted to marry according to the Catholic Vatican. These are; Catholic brothers, Rev. Sisters, Monks, Nuns, Eunoch.


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