10 Things To Do To Be A Good Politician:

In a country like Nigeria that has the highest number of poor people, it’s extensively required that, a politician who aims at becoming a good leader should be extremely hardworking and committed. As a politician in Nigeria, in order to maintain your followership, you have to go extra mile to working hard in order to please them. Now, here are the 10 things to do in order to be a good politician:

  1. Pay Attention To Your Peoples’ Needs: As a politician, you may not be able to cater for everything your followers/supporters ask from you but you can always do part of it for them. Also, your political people referred to in this article might be your constituents, followers, supporters or your subjects. These people have their needs and it’s expected that while representing them, you also try to figure out their challenges so as to be able to fix it for them.
  2. Pick Their Phone Calls: It’s generally understood that, there are some people who are not good at picking phone calls and it’s also understood that, there are people who pick their phone calls even in the midnight. As a politician in Nigeria, it’s expected that, you pick your phone calls as much as you can because your constituents will call you for one reason or the other and people you have never met or know before will get your phone numbers where you don’t know and call you. At this point, picking phone calls will not only base on those you know and have their contact names on your phone, but calls of those you don’t know also matter.
  3. Visit Your People: Your visit to your people from grassroots is very important. This visit must be done as frequent as possible. When a politician visits his people and the people see their leader, they feel carried along and have sense of belonging.
  4. Be Sincere In Your Promises To Them: As a politician, you don’t need to promise your people what you know you won’t be able to do. In fact, doing that makes you look stupid to the people because when once they start using that as a trademark against you, you are gone. While others are focusing on making plenty of promises they know they won’t fulfill it, focus on promising what you can fulfill. Even if it’s one thing you know you can do, and even if it won’t get to everybody, do it and save your name from embarrassment. It’s far better than promising with plenty of things but can’t fulfill them.
  5. Have a Political Mentor: A mentor serves for many purposes in one’s life. People have mentors for different reasons and a political mentor should not be underrated as it is very pertinent. A political mentor will tell you what to do and how to do it. He/she will guide you while you climb the political ladder. Learn the positive parts of your mentor and shun the negative side since it’s believed that, a politician has many flaws.
  6. Marry: As a matter of fact, marriage will make people see you as a responsible leader/politician. In Africa, if a man is grown and not married, the society will not really recognize him/her as being responsible hence, the idea to marry in this regard should not be erased.
  7. Be Humble: Nobody knows it all and nobody has a monopoly of knowledge. As a leader, everybody you come in contact with counts. Don’t look down on anybody because people may use that singular weakpoint to rubbish your further political aspirations. Listen to your people to hear what they will say about you whether it’s positive or negative, and if it’s negative, try to work to correct it.
  8. Buy Into New Ideas: As a leader in politics, many people will come around with different and new ideas. You don’t sweep those ideas under the carpet because some of them really count. Say yes to them and choose the ones you want to utilize.
  9. Have a Coordinated Family: As a leader, if your family which is your first point of contact is not organized, you are likely to fail. Your immediate family affects how you do things in public. When your immediate family is not organized to the point of praying for you when you are out there leading the people, advises and correct you when necessary, your leadership is at stake. A good family fosters and encourages a man to do better on whatever he engages himself on.
  10. Pray: As a leader, God should be your sole companion. By this, you are to take your spiritual life serious as many temptations are bound to surface. Without God and the acknowledgment of him, no leader can succeed hence, putting God first in whatever you do should not be compromised.

Wisdom Bassey

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