10 ThingsTo Do To Avoid Getting Self In To Trouble:

Currently, our country (Nigeria) is at the stage where nobody knows where it is heading to. Coupled with insecurity, killing, stealing, kidnapping, corruption in the government, hardship, diseases, etc.

Among these crises, there are ways one can live his/her life in such a society as ours and still avoid getting self into trouble.

In this edition, I want to scribble and pinpoint the ways of which one can go about his/her business without getting into any trouble. These are;

  1. Be contented: One of the important ways one can live and avoid many problems crippling our country today is by being contented. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary; “contented is being happy and satisfied or feeling contentment”. Being contented, happy and satisfied with what you have; be it big or small, helps one to avoid trouble of any sort.
  2. Self Control: According to researches; people get into trouble as a result of lack of self control. The ability to say no to peers pressure no matter how juicy the offer maybe helps one avoid many troubles. There are killings, kidnapping and stealing today in our society because, those who got into it in the quest of quick wealth lacked self control.
  3. Be HardWorking: Studies have shown that; a hardworking man or woman lacks nothing to eat or live by. When you engage yourself in a positive venture, the thought of joining bad group can never be birthed. As it is universally opined; hardwork brings success.
  4. Stay Indoors In The Night: Many people who are either dead or in prison today would have still been around, going about their normal businesses if they had listened to their instincts or refused going out at odd hours. Most of the crimes people commit are being carried out in the night. They plan how to execute it in the night. So, the best way to avoid this kind of trouble is to stay back home when once it is night.
  5. Avoid Where Many People Gather: It is always quite risky getting self into a group you have no much idea of. Protest group, for instance. Anything can happen in such a place which can lead to gunshots or fight. In Nigeria today, where Boko Haram terrorists target the most is where many people gather; Such as church, political campaign, wedding or funeral. So the best way to avoid problem in such place is by knowing where and what is been done there.
  6. Avoid Keeping Unnecessary Friendship: Bad friendship has led so many people to the grave, some to the Hospital while some to the Prison. Keeping someone you do not have much idea of his/her root and origin is very risky. As a way of avoiding many troubles in the country today, one has to cut off some friendship that yields no fruit or better still, stays without the so called friendship.With this, one can avoid many dramas and problems in the society.
  7. Prayer Many people have gone out in search of greener pastures but never returned. Not because they were too bad or the most sinners. As a matter of fact, if they knew they will never returned back home, probably; they would have taken some time and pray to God. As the Bible already said; “Prayer is the key”. Whether in good or bad condition, praying before stepping out is very important. Praying on any choosen point will probably helps your stepping out be successful and fruitful.
  8. Care For Yourself: Many people die as a result of ignorance. Submitting self for medical checkup is very important. This will help determine what you are suffering from so as to treat it properly. Eating just food is not enough for one’s well-being. Body exercises to keep fit, consuming good food, taking bath when necessary are very important in one’s life.
  9. Stop Taking Hard Drugs: Consuming of hard drugs: I mean drugs not properly prescribed by professional doctors has led many to early grave while some are battling at different Pschiatric Hospitals. This is as a result of taking hard drugs. It is understood that, people have their different reasons for taking hard drugs but for whatever reason, hard drug is not good for the body. It is advised, one stays away from it.
  10. Sleep In as much as sleep helps one to grow healthy and stay well fit but in the same vein, it helps one to stay out of trouble. Nobody knows what would have happened if you did not lock yourself up and sleep. Things happen every minute out there and one needs wisdom, instinct and the spirit of God to be able to avoid them.

The society is hot and adulterated. Very few people are trustworthy. As such, let’s put the little we have read here into practice and I bet you, it will help you stay out of trouble.


Wisdom Bassey

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