10 Weekend Tips That Can Make Your Weekend Memorable

Weekend is a period of the week everybody always craves for. It is the period where some people, especially weekdays workers always long for in order to get themselves rested.

In this episode, we want to bring to you things you can get yourself involved during weekend in order to make it memorable.

1, REST: The most important thing to do during this period is to try and rest as much as you can. Rest helps in so many ways. Health wise, financial wise, age wise, spiritual wise, etc. It helps one sit-down and reflect on certain events about life.

2, READ BOOKS: In order to stay updated and enlightened, you have to read books. Reading makes your memories refreshed. With reading by weekend, you know where you are going and the next action to take and in general, you stay up-to date on what is happening around the world.

3, EAT WELL: It is recorded that, many people don’t eat or let’s say not have time to eat during weekday. In this case, one thing is to eat, another is to eat well. As human, you do not eat everything you come in contact with. You ought to know which food is good for your system and that which is not good. Some people get their system very hurt like purging, unable to defecate or sleep well when they eat anyhow food. So weekend affords one with good opportunity to cook good food and eat well.

5, PRAY: some peoples’ spiritual life die as a result of too much of stress. When you stress yourself too much, you cannot pray very well, let alone creating time to pray. So, weekend is always a good opportunity for one to cease whatever done and communicate with God the maker absolutely.

6, HAVE FUN: Another significant way of making weekend memorable is by having fun especially with loved ones. As a result of daily hustling for greener pastures, some people have forgotten totally their social life. Some donot even have time to take a class of liquor due to too much responsibilities on them. Therefore, no matter the hurdles, it is worthwhile that you create time to have fun with loved ones , talk and laugh out so as to forget some sorrows.

7, TRAVEL: Another basic way of having a fulfilled weekend is by travelling. By this, you can visit loved ones, visit new place, travel with family, visit movie centre. As we all know, traveling is education itself. Although some people travel daily due to the nature of their jobs but it is more fulfilled if traveled with loved ones to beautiful places or visit loved ones.

8, SLEEP: Sleep is one of the few ingredients that contributes to good health. It is unfortunate that, people work, work and work without remembering to give themselves good sleep. It is psychologically proven that, when you have good sleep, your memory refreshes and your skin and your entire body system rekindled.

9, READ BIBLE/QURAN : This very context applies to both Christians and Muslims. As God children, the only way we can stay closer to God is by reading our spiritual book known as Bible or Quran. These two powerful books help us to know what God expects of us as well as how we can live our lives to please God. So, weekend is another good opportunity us to visit our Bible in order to reawaken our spiritual consciousness.

10, PLAN AHEAD: By weekend, the week had already come to the end and you are therefore waiting or heading to step into another new week. In order to make the new week you are about to step into a memorable one, you are to plan ahead what you want, all you want to achieve, and what you want to do for the new week. So with this, weekend affords you the opportunity to sit-down and plan for the new week.



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