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I want to give you practical steps of becoming industrious and financially independent while in school. This is precisely for intending students; students and sponsors; and I’ll try to keep it short and simple. I hope you don’t only enjoy the read, but put it into practice. Good luck!

The fact is: the traits of being industrious are quite essential if a student wants to become successful as well as overcoming the obstacles of school demands. These traits will also help him to be financially independent; self motivated as well as achieving his a academic dreams. So, at all time, one needs to have the traits, the features and the characteristics of an industrious person.

I will love to start with intending students. If you are about to get into a higher institution of learning, congratulations to you. But, I will love to tell you that school is not what you think; what you are told; what you read about; and, what you see in movies. It is more than that. It is not just about school fees; if it were, a lot of people in the world would have been graduates. This is because, in some schools, students pay as low as 20 thousand naira or less as a semester school fee. So, we could say that a student can just hustle and pay the money without much stress. But there is more to it. You need accommodation; you need feeding; you need transportation; you need texts books; you will photocopy materials; you will buy materials; you will pay faculty and departmental dues; if you are a guy, you will ‘service’ your girlfriend; you will buy condom and a host of other things. So, what’s your plans to go through all these? Parents? Your sponsors? No! That will be too much burden on them.

First step:
While waiting for your JAMB Exams; your JAMB/ WAEC/NECO results; your screening and your admission list to be out, use just three months or less to acquire a simple skill. It could be on shoe making and amending (where you can make Shoes for students on campus and hostels when you start school); you can learn how to make clothes; you can learn barbing; you can learn hair making or even how to produce chin chin; small chops etc. The skill will help you while in school.

Step Two:
When you get to school, make sure you practice what you learned and make people know what you do. You will make a lot of money from this.

Concerning Sponsors, please try and encourage your children or who ever you are sponsoring to acquire a skill while waiting for his or her admission. It will really help you. They won’t be expecting money from you every time because what ever they learn and practice on campus will fetch them some feeding and other monies.

Now, for students: what are you doing now as a student on campus? What are you known for? Do you still expect from your parents and sponsors every time? Oh! You think it is their responsibility to send you to school, hence, they should provide everything? Have you forgotten that there are some things you cannot ask them? What if you need a sanitary pad as a girl, do you call your dad? Oh! Your boyfriend is around, I forgot. What if you have an STD (God forbid, but let just mention it), would you be bold enough to tell your dad (especially) to give you money to treat it? Wouldn’t you answer a lot of questions? ‘So you’ve been sleeping around with boys?’ And others? See, you could use your personal money to do this.

The guys, how do you buy condom if you want to do the do? How do you ‘service’ your girlfriends? I mean, how do you take care of those needs you cannot really tell your parents and sponsors about?
Then, apart from those needs, can’t you buy text books? Dad does everything? Lucky you! You are fortunate to have a well to do dad.

Step one: look inward. Ask yourself what you find pleasure in doing. Ask yourself what you can do best. When you find the answer, start doing it as a hobby: you could start freelancing and then charge people for it.
There are many opportunities on campus. It actually depends on what you can do.
Can you sing? Why not let people know your as either a music minister or a circular music artiste? You could perform on shows: school; faculty and departmental events.
Are you a comedian? Why not start making people laugh and charge your host?
Are you a compere? Do you think people won’t need your service on campus?
Are you a good writer? Why not start writing term papers; assignments; projects and seminars for people? Or, you don’t know you can make money from it?
If you can act, why not join any of the various drama groups on campus and get yourself busy? There is always a ‘recharge card money’ at the end.
Again, if you are fortunate to have a radio or Tv station in your school, why not go there, get trained, submit a programme proposal and start doing your own show? You can feature or host people in these shows and charge them.
If you can make fries; small chops; cookies; cakes and others, don’t you think it can help sustain you while in school.

If you know how to barb, why not start in the hostel, barb student at a reduced rate and make your money? You can also make or amend clothes and shoes too.
For the ladies, plaiting hair and making and amending clothes could also help you in the hostel and school campus.
These, if applied could help you be financially independent as well as stopping depending, expecting and begging people. You could help your parents.

Apart from being financially stable while in school, when you graduate, you’ll know and have where to start from. You can continue from where you stopped in school as a business person. If you were a radio or TV presenter, before you leave school, radio or TV stations would be waiting for you: depending on how good and passionate you were. That’s experience.
You can even include it in your CV.

But, you need to make proper and adequate planing. You need to have a to do list in order to know the number of time to allot to to a particular thing: academic and business.
Know when to do certain things so you can go back home with a good grade from school.

Let’s try these and see how they work.

Wisdom Bassey

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