Usoro’s Inordinate Quest To Become House Of Assembly Speaker, Reason For Every False Alarm.


– By Jinx Breaker Edet

In recent days, Esit Eket Local government has been on the front burner of political discuss, the theatrics for these political upheaval is not unconnected with the sudden publications on social and print media, by the member representing Esit Eket/ Ibeno State constituency in the House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Usoro Akpanusoh, against both the political leader of Esit Eket, Elder Benjamin Udobia and the Executive Chairman, Hon. Iniobong Robson.

In those publications, the two term lawmaker raised allegations of being blackmailed, sequestrated from political happenings and openings, most importantly, he alleged that the ward congress conducted in Esit Eket Local government was a sham, thus, called on the Governor, Mr. Udom Emmanuel and the eggheads of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the state to intervene.

As the fizzy continued and with the sincere disposition of the Governor in conducting a free, fair and credible ward, chapter and state congresses, the Governor ordered for a rerun in the wards that were alleged to had experienced a barefaced sham during the congress; ward 1, 5, 7. Stakeholders beyond the shores of the local government were nominated by the party as observers. The congress held in accordance with the Governor’s mandate and went in tandem with the guidelines of the party, Ward leaders emerged to the satisfaction of the populace.

Still not satisfied with the outcome of the congress after his cousins and relatives emerged in his ward, Akpanusoh still went ahead not just granting interviews with derogatory comments about the political leader and the Chairman, but also sponsored attacks on the political leader and chairman on social/print media, robing the agitation with the attire of zoning and disenfranchisement.

There seems to be a twist in the political event in the local government that has warranted this early outcry of political sequestration and bedeviling attitude by the self-acclaimed political herculean in the person of Usoro Akpanusoh, but as a Journalist that is acquainted with the political happenings in Eket Federal constituency, and has the in-depth knowledge of Akpanusoh’s style of politics, i can state succinctly of the reasons why Akpanusoh is shading this crocodile tears early.

For the purpose of clarity, precursor to the 2019 general elections, i could remember vividly the fierce battle to oust Akpanusoh from office, the choice of the people of Esit Eket in very obvious terms was Barrister Aniefiok Ekwere from zone B the same Zone Usoro hails from. The reason for this rigorous battle to change the representation baton in the state constituency was not just the fear that Akpausoh’s series of meetings with the opposition and the inseparable romance with his political godfather, Sir Bassey Dan Abia, a onetime NDDC MD, who is a stakeholder in the opposition party APC, will strangulate the successful election outing of the PDP in the local government due to the fear that discussions meant for in-house PDP members might be leaked to the opposition, but his selfish and unpatriotic attitude towards his people, aides and people very close to him was also the reason for the distrust.

When Akpanusoh realized that the home front has be shredded over his return to the house of Assembly the second time, coupled with his fallout with another political gladiator from the Ibeno extraction of the State constituency, Rt. Hon. Okpolupm Etteh, who was seriously opposed to his second term ambition, he went on a pleading splurge with his now estranged political leader, Elder Benji Udobia, who then solicited on Akpanusoh’s behalf, and secured the support of Rt. Hon. Etteh and the local government Chairman, Hon. Iniobong Robson. Robson was in control of 97% delegates in the Local government. As at then Esit Eket had 128 delegates while Ibeno had 123 delegates who were to vote for the State Assembly primaries, Akpanusoh didn’t have up to 10 delegates in his kitty. Hon. Robson took all the delegates, mandated them to vote Akpanusoh, foot their bills; they voted Akpanusoh with tears rolling in their eyes and he was reelected as the state constituency representative the second time, even when Akpanusoh was called to bring money for delegates, he was quoted to have said “There is no money”.

Throughout the electioneering period, Akpanusoh worshipped this same political leader, Elder Benjamin Udobia like a thin god, he was polite in his assertions on the LG Chairman, Hon. Iniobong Robson; even when he saw him as an impairment to his future political aspirations, but he made it up just to fulfill his wants in the time.

Trust politics, when it goes the other way, criticism and inciting assertions in the public domain becomes the tool for negotiation. While the debate is ongoing, there is a need to weigh these assertions on the crucible of public perception, to ascertain the actuality that has caused this raised dust in the local government, and i offer myself as the raven with the message that will clear the doubts and put an end to any further agitation.


Barely one year into the 7th Assembly, Akpanusoh heard rumors that several groups had taken the crusade for his replacement at the expiration of his tenure in 2023 to both the political leader, the Local Government Chairman and other stakeholders in the local government in conformity to their earlier stand precursor to the 2019 election. With his undying quest to stay in the Assembly to commensurate the time Rt. Hon Okpolupm Etteh, from Ibeno LGA stayed in office while representing the state constituency in the house of assembly and his conceived thoughts of becoming the speaker of the 8th Assembly if given the mandate for the 3rd term, he loaded his canon, greased his ammunition and started the pursuit to oust not just the political leader, Elder Benjamin Udobia but also the incumbent Chairman, Hon. Iniobong Robson on sighting them to be the only obstacle to his fruitless future endeavors.

Everyone knows that except there is an ulterior motive underneath, one has to exhaust every avenues of dialogue as a party man before taking a more counter reactive steps. The question is, did Usoro Akpanusoh with his unlimited access to Elder Benji Udobia he knelt to beg during the electioneering outstrip every avenue of dialogue? No. Did he send emissaries to meet his political leader to ask what he has done wrong? No.

I like Usoro Akpanusoh with passion, my love for him is occasioned by his ability to know the political timing, when to voice and when to inflame the territory to garner sympathy. Each time I am tempted to speak on his seeming political naivety when the odds are against him, relationship with people very close to him place me on the waiting saddle. The truth remains that Usoro’s third term agenda is the reason why he wants Esit Eket to burn. He is a politician that care less for the people but for himself, otherwise he won’t want to retain the House of Assembly seat in Zone B as well as the office of the Chairman, leaving Zone A, C without any political office.

Recall that while gunning for the second term ticket, Akpanusoh was vehemently in rejection of the House of Assembly seat going to Zone A and the Local Government Chairmanship position in the same zone, but now he is in support of himself retaining the house of assembly seat in zone B and the Chairmanship position in the same zone, a stand many consider to be of nepotism and profanity.

The antecedent of Elder Benjamin Udobia vis-à-vis humanitarianism is on the same page with the Local government chairman, Hon. Iniobong Robson. These two are men makers, dream builders and their dispositions have brought followership and Usoro lacks the pedigree to talk about the wellbeing of Esit Eket people. If his aides resigned their appointments on grounds that their boss is uncharitable, selfish and unpatriotic, then there is no need for him to weep for Esit Eket Local Government. Many who worked as aides to him as a legislator resigned less than a year of their appointment. We would have questioned the credibility of such aides if the number of resignees had not increased, but findings revealed that, Akpanusoh is the seeming devil’s advocate, who had sold his soul to the devil and maybe, the consequences of this indulgence in necromancy is “Never give to the poor”. To buttress this point, one of his former aides said “Don’t you know the work Usoro’s brother is doing offshores was given to him by the Local Government Chairman, why didn’t he help his brother?”

I am not in the good place to make judgments, but to be frank, the only press Akpanusoh gets these days are negative press. With the help of both bloggers and Journalists, Akpanusoh has acquired a reputation as an impulsive and crude politician, who can’t stand the harshness of failure in a political circle. The lack of attention accorded him makes it harder to understand his phenomenon of building empires and castles while those closer to him can’t afford their rents, this to me is evil and should be made known to the world. An elucidation of this methodology will greatly help us to imagine one possible prototype for development he has propounded, maybe gathering for himself, children and not even his immediate family.

Usoro Akpanusoh should reduce his proclivity for political office retainership and desire to sit on the speakership seat in the House of Assembly. The seat of the speaker is revered and needs one who can write with little or no typos, one who can speak intelligently and able to sacrifice first for the people and later for himself, he knows he lacks all this attributes. Esit Eket is blessed with two men who are working selflessly for the betterment of the land, who are Elder Benji Udobia and Hon. Iniobong Robson. Let Akpanusoh’s Third Term Agenda seize for peace to return to Esit Eket.

Wisdom Bassey

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