Items Should Get To All The Wards And Should Be Shared To All The Villages; Esit Eket Council Boss Advises Councillors Incharge Of Foodstuffs Distribution.

Today, Fri., 17th April, 2020, the atmosphere was joyous for Esit Eket people, as the Chairman, Esit Eket LGC, Hon. Iniobong Robson Nnamso distributed parliatives, to cushion the effects of the luckdown, occasioned by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The parliatives, which were foodstuffs, included bags of garri, bags of rice, bags of beans and bags of flour.

The items were jointly donated by the state government and the Chairman, Esit Eket LGC, Hon. Iniobong Robson Nnamso.

Ealier, the state government has sent in the following items: 160 bags of 25kg rice, 52 bags of garri, 35 bags of beans and 17 bags of flour.

Sharing the parliatives from the state government, each of the wards of Esit Eket got: 16 bags of 25kg rice, 5 bags and some fractions of garri, 3 bags and some fractions of beans and 1 and a halfed bags of flour.

However, the Chairman, Esit Eket LGC, Hon. Iniobong Robson Nnamso, in his bid to continue to show love to the people and to maintain his philanthropic and generous statusquo, supported the donation of the state government, by doling out the following items:
300 bags of 25kg rice (i.e. 150 bags of 50kg rice) and 60 bags of garri.

Sharing the parliatives donated by the Chairman, each of the 10 wards got: 30 bags of 25kg rice(i.e 15 bags of 50kgs rice) and 6 bags of garri.

Adding the Chairman’s donations to that of the state government, each of the 10 wards had a total of 46 bags of 25kg rice (i.e. 23 bags of 50kg rice), 11 bags of garri, 3 bags of beans and 1 bag of flour, including the fractions.

  1. The Chairman, who personally supervised the distribution, advised that, the items on getting to the wards, should be shared to the villages.

The Chairman further warned that the distribution of the items at the villages and to individuals, should not be politicized, as all indigenes of Esit Eket LGA, irrespective of political affiliation, are to benefit.

He reminded the people of the need to continue to stay at home during this period, observe social distancing and other precautionary measures, to prevent the spread of CORONAVIRUS.

He urged the people to obey the lockdown and restriction of movement order by the state government and to bear for a little while, assuring that this pandemic will certainly pass away.

The Chairman, however, prayed for God’s mercy upon the people in this intriguing season and circumstance.

I am EDOHO, IMOH JOHN. I am an Elder of a cosmopolitan church. I don’t have any office.

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