DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY: God, Where Is Your Mercy

Readings: Acts 2:42-47
1peter 1:3-9
Gospel. Jn. 20:3–9

Theme : God, where is Your mercy?

Today The Holy Mother Church, Catholic celebrates God’s Divine Mercy on the second Sunday of Easter. What a celebration at a time like this in which the whole world is breaking by a breaker , coronavirus. At this time in which humanity as a whole is living in fear as did disciples of the early Church. The early Church’s disciples locked themselves in because of fear of the Jews. Their Master died and they were afraid of being killed by the Jews.
One thing is peculiar to them, they did not cease to pray for divine mercy intervention in their situation.

At a time like this that we are living in fear and locked ourselves in, many would ask, where is the mercy of God? Some are shouting, God show us your mercy. Pagan secularist and Atheist would ask Christians where is your God of Mercy?

Therein, has God abandoned His creatures? We are afraid of being infected by the virus. We are afraid of infecting others with it. As the disciples locked themselves in, they were short of food and essentials. Ours is not a far fetched story. We have shortage of food, we are in economic crisis, essentials are not there, what is our hope? Our loved ones are dying, fear of losing job after the pandemic, fear of tomorrow after the infectious disease. It does mean that God is not thinking of us. That is the reason why immediately after His resurrection, Jesus, who died to redeem us appeared to the disciples and said to them “peace be with you ” two times.

Peace be with you calms all fears, it restores lost hope and gives them serenity of mind.

At a time like, humanity has no peace, families have no peace, we are sick whole and entire.

At this time of turbulence, how can we find peace? Peace can only come about when we remove fear and be steadfast in prayer as did the early Church. What can we learn from this situation? Although a good ending does not justify an evil means. We can read the handwritings of God in this Situation and know that ungodly worlds of science and technology are nothing, that the world and everything therein belong to God. Hence though “man is destroyed by the work of his hands” God’s divine mercy is shown by using this time to awake us to a greater and eternal reality.

It was a time like this when the early disciples were shrouded in fear, they shared whatever they had in common, giving a greater portion to the ” Poorest of the poor”. This suggests that pandemic has opened our eyes to simplicity, charity and common or communal life. In another way it humbles the proud world and shows that God is owner of the world.
If we want to have and peace, let follow the footsteps of the early Church. This will calm our fears and restore peace on earth ,let us not relent our efforts in prayer and in good works of Mercy , let us encounter Christ in the poor and profess our belief in Him as Thomas did. When Thomas encountered the risen Lord he confessed his belief; “My Lord and my God” .Dear friends let wrestle together for there will be Joy in the morning and victory shall be ours.
I pray for you all that the peace of Christ and the joy of the resurrection should calm our fears as it did away with the fear of the early Church’s disciples. I pray Peace on the whole, peace to our country Nigeria, peace to Our state , Akwa Ibom, peace to you and your Family.



Wisdom Bassey

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