15 Fact About St. Valentine You robably Didn’t Know

While celebrating Valentine’s day, it necessary to know some facts about the world celebrated legend.

Though many people who misconstrued the day for other outrageous acts don’t really understand what St. Valentine stood for but in this article, being Valentine’s day, it will do thousands of love seekers more good to list out some facts about St. Valentine. These are:

  1. He was born in 226 AD in Terni, Italy.
  2. He died in 14 February 269 AD in Rome, Italy.
  3. His full name was Valentine Terni
  4. He was of Roman Nationality.
  5. He was buried at San Valentino in Terni, Italy.
  6. He was popularly known as Saint Valentine of Rome.
  7. He was commemorated in Christianity on 14 February.
  8. He was the patron saint of epilepsy.
  9. He was a Roman Priest.
  10. He is the patron saint of lovers, young people and happy marriages because he wedded the couples who lived a polygamous life.
  11. He was beheaded on 14 February 269 AD by the Anti-Christian Emperor Claudius 11
  12. He was the Author and Publisher of Catholic Online.
  13. His Feast Day is celebrated every 14th day of February.
  14. He signed a farewell note before he was beheaded.
  15. St. Valentine’s day is celebrated within 24hours of 14 February every year.

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