2023: GOAL For The Akwa Ibom We Desire

By Uwem Etukudo

The changing nature of the world calls for new revolutions in many aspects. And as developed nations are already setting the pace in this trend, Akwa Ibom, an emerging brand among Nigeria’s subnationals, must recreate her leadership template to fit perfectly into the mould by establishing an uncompromising standpoint around vision, passion for service and drive for excellence.

Interestingly, the chain of Onofiok Luke’s trajectory in public service tends to create dotted lines between this standpoint and the future we all desire and hope to witness in our lifetime. With an antecedent in public service that places him on the honorary row of distinction, a reference to the part of history he has made will create a feed of alluring scents and a leap into what the future holds in stock— a future where leadership will be clearly defined and its guiding principles upheld.

Where quality leadership is truly yearned for, some core attributes like consistency, reliability, and courage must be allowed to take the lead. These attributes will show the difference between the vague promises of those merely aspiring to occupy political offices, and those with the vision to offer such impacting leadership and representation that will take governance down to the roots.

The electorates have come to believe and have truly subscribed to the fact that talks are cheap and campaign promises empty but constructing a chain of events base on critical evaluation and cross board assessment, Onofiok Luke’s antecedence in public service has already earned him the support and the trust base to pull the horns through.

As uncertain as the future is, owing to the myriad of changes that has dealt us lately, the resources of our state and legacies of past administrations, if not trusted in capable hands, might have us stagnated, if not taken aback. God forbids! This is why character, strength, courage, and creative thinking becomes crucial and must be placed above mere words.

Putting the 2023 Governorship contest into consideration, having assessed the various options, the Akwa Ibom people have demanded a switch from politics of mediocrity to demand a smart alternative to hold such exalted office in trust for them and top on the priority list is a quintessential legal Mogul who has sold out his heart in service to humanity.

Onofiok Luke is not just the smart alternative but an answer to the age long prayer of the people.
Akwa Ibom people do not only need a governor but one who can defend himself and the collective will of the people. A man whose primary decisions are considerate and are such that value the interest of the people. A permutation of different character and trait presents Onofiok Luke as a perfect fit for the top Job.

Here is a humanist whose insurmountable labels of charity, pragmatism, political experience, charisma, capacity, goodwill, and benevolence have built for him a brand, wide acceptance and formidable force of followership.

Akwa Ibom does not just need a political figure but one who can stand up and fight for her causes. She needs a leader and a man of resilience, a man who can take the blows of political rivalry and attacks to deliver on assigned mandates for the good of the people.

Luke is assertive, yet very responsible. He has the bravity to stand for what he believes. He represents a voice for justice and fair play and stand on his words.
with this assertion, he takes responsibility for his actions and accomplishes what is necessary at the right time. He has mastered the art of speaking and can make daily bread out of it becuase when he speaks in contribution to political discourse, formidable paths are forged and wise thinkologies formed.

In the political grid, the Nsit Ubium born advocate is a voice of experience, a beacon of light to the youths, hope to the women and a pillar of support to the elders. Little wonder why he is highly respected by kith and kin as a man that has repeatedly mobilized and delivered democratically for his party.

As such, it is Safe to say that with Onofiok Luke as Governor, Akwa Ibom is sure to secure the fulfillment of purpose and as well switch to the promised land. If we don’t speak when it is necessary and when our voices can be heard, when then shall we speak? It is better we speak now for silence is no longer golden.

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