5 Most Dangerous Dogs In the World That At The Same Time Not Advisable To Keep As Pet

1. Tibetan MastiffThey were guardian dog in ancient Tibetan times. They are watchful and imposing in character. Hence, the family members kept these densely -coated dogs along with them because of the breed’s features. They are sweet and calm towards the family.
However, towards the strangers, the dog is highly aggressive.

They can’t bear any indiscipline talks or fights in a family. Without good exercise, they may quickly get bored. They can be friendly with children. When they hear screaming sounds they can be aggressive.

2. Kangal They are sturdy dogs with a large body and massive bones. We use these dog breeds as a guardian against predators because of their strength. They are of native Turkey. The head of the dog is comparatively bigger. 
They can guard goats, sheep, and cattle.In the farms and freeholdings, the dog is in an active role. The dog has got speed, courage, and strength to meet every intruder. The grown male of the breed can be above 140 lbs, and this most durable dog has a shocking biting force. 
Keeping this means a lot of security.

3. American Pit Bull TerrierThe terror looking dog in the image is none other than a pit bull. They have initially bred for baiting bulls. Later they became a family dog breed. So, they are more gentle towards the children. They have got courage and tenacity. The dogs are comparatively brilliant and learn commands quickly. They like to involve in every activity going around them. The dominant dog has got a terrific look, but they can be a better friend if trained in the right way. They need to keep in lash in public. 

4. Dogo Argentino They are large dogs in white color. They are native to Argentina. Firstly they were used in big-game hunting purposes. It includes hunting of wild boars and pumas. The dog is brave enough to protect the companions. They have a muscular body. They have a good nose and a higher lung capacity.
They are suitable for search and rescue operations as well. Even in military work, the Argentinean hero got a chance. The role of service dogs and police assistance was also matching for them.
5. Caucasian Ovcharka They are muscular dogs from the Caucasus mountain regions, and their strong bones and shorter coat gives them a perfect look. These dogs are comparatively much larger in size. This fearless and intelligent breed is reactive to unfamiliar persons. 

These dogs used as watchdogs in the western regions. The coat of the dog is waterproof. These dogs got sharp hearing skills as well. The most excellent physical power and all other characteristics make the dog the best option to choose. They are also hardworking.

Wisdom Bassey

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