5 Obligations To Keep On Sunday

To make your Sunday worthwhile according to the command of God, here are the five obligations to keep.

1. ATTEND CHURCH SERVICE: One of the important events that makes Sunday worthwhile is going to church and worship God. Though some people believe that, one must not go to church in order to worship God but in a day like Sunday set aside by God for the Christian community to worship him, it’s necessary to be in church service on Sunday so as to join others in fellowship with God.

2. REST: Rest is a very important ingredient for human growth. As a matter of fact, God has specifically set aside the 7th day of the week which is Sunday for man to rest. This is because, God himself used 6days to work and created everything in the world but on the 7th day, he handed up and took a rest. In a nutshell, it’s also applicable for man to set aside the day God himself honored for rest. 

3. EXTEND A HELPING HAND TO THE NEEDY: Another obligation to keep on Sunday is to reach out to those who don’t have. Some people believe, one can only reach out to others or help neighbors only during festive period forgetting that, poverty does not look at time its occurs. People have needs at any given time and not only festive period. As such, in order to keep the commandment of God, one has to show love to one another on Sunday by reaching out to the needy.

4. READ BIBLE: Bible as the greatest book ever written and as a book that serves as life’s guide for mankind especially the Christians, it’s advised to read it at all times and the best day to read it and reflect on is the day God has set aside for rest and to worship him which is on Sunday.

5. THANKSGIVING: At the beginning of every week, one is propelled to ask God for a successful week ahead and it’s a spiritual task that, at the completion of a week as God has granted a successful week, one should thank God for making it possible. Thanksgiving to God excites God to do more for mankind. It spurs God to want to do more because one is grateful to him for the past. On a Sunday, the best gift to offer to God is a gift of thanksgiving. It’s a man’s obligation to get on the knees and thank God for all he has done.

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