5 Ways To Communicate With God

As the meaning implies, prayer is a solemn communication between God and man. Before God, man makes humble supplications.
As far as prayer is concerned, man can communicate with God anyhow he wishes in any posture, so far the mind directly connects with God.
Here are the five important ways to communicate with God in prayer;

1. BY KNEELING DOWN: As earlier said in this article that, man can communicate with God in any posture he wishes, kneeling down to pray to God is the major posture to marry while praying to God. Almost every religion Communicates to God by kneeling down.

2. BY SINGING: Man can decide to either stand, lie down or kneel to sing to God depending on the mood. Many Christians in the World today use songs to communicate with God especially this era with many gospel artists. People in different conditions pray to God by singing passionately.

3. IN SILENCE: Silence is another way most people pray to God. Some churches, especially the orthodox ones like Catholic pratice silence in most of their prayers. One can decide to pray to God in absolute silence through meditation. As a matter of fact, meditation is the most powerful way of communicating with God.

4. DANCING: This medium of praying to God is very common in most churches especially this era of sound and loud musical instruments. Dancing and praising God is another great way of praying to God. Man focuses on God through dancing depending the situation surrounding him/her. However, People use dance to tell God, they are grateful for what he has done for them.

5. PRAISE AND WORSHIP: This is another powerful and smartest way of communicating with God. Many churches, especially the Pentecostal denomination practice  the culture of praise and worship. As a matter of fact, some churches begin their worship/gathering with praise and worship. Praise and worship to God elevates one’s spirit hence the reason praise and worship is very important in order to communicate with God.

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