6 Symbolic Things Jesus Commanded Every Christian To Do

As a Christian whose focus is to go to heaven after death, it it a must and necessity to follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ whose benevolence and unconditional love every Christian enjoys.

Before Christ died, there were some commandments he handed down to man in order to enter in to his father’s kingdom and it is in line of the God’s commandments that any one can merit the kingdom of God.

  1. LOVE: It was due to the unconditional love Jesus Christ had for mankind that he willingly accepted to die on the cross. Even on the cross, Jesus still emphasized on loving one another as that is the first amongst the commandments he laid down for every Christian. This can be confirmed in the Godspel of Matthew 22:37-39.
  2. FORGIVENESS: The grace and ability to forgive and let go is what makes a good Christian. Jesus said, no matter how many times one might be offended, a good Christian who believes in eternal life should be able to forgive as Christ had already forgiven those who offended him. In the book of Matthew 18:21-24, when Peter asked Jesus how many times one should forgive, Jesus said, it should be seventy seven times. By emphasis, it therefore means, forgiveness by man should be unlimited.
  3. PRAY ALWAYS: As it is instructed in the Bible, man is made to understand that, prayer is the key as such, a Christian should pray in both season and out of season. What this practically means is that, one should pray unceasingly to avert any temptation that might come his/her way. Even when Jesus was on the cross, he used silent prayers to gather strength and man is made to understand that, Jesus was always praying especially when he was getting into temptation. This illustration is contained in the Gospel of Luke 18:1.
  4. PREACH THE GOSPEL: By the virtue of being a Christian, everyone is commissioned to preach the goodnews of Jesus Christ anywhere in the world. Jesus sent his twelve disciples to go in to the world and preach his gospel and the disciples in a nutshell are the today’s generation followers of Christ. Nobody is excempted from talking about Jesus Christ as he is the personal Lord and savior who conquered death after three days. In the Gospel of Mark 16:15, Jesus mandated every Christian to go in to the world and preach the gospel.
  5. HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER: Jesus also mandated every Christian to love their parents who brought them in to the world. It is one of the symbolic commandments God handed down to man. It is a must that no matter how bad one’s parents maybe, God instructs everyone to honor them until the day they depart this world. This is contained in the book of Exodus 20:12.
  6. HUMILITY: As it is seen in Jesus Christ, humility is his watchword and every Christian is obliged to follow the step. As a Christian, it is a matter of necessity to be humble in all ramifications as that is how God can be seen in you. This is confirmed in the gospel of Luke 14:11 that those who humble themselves will be exalted and those who exalt themselves will be humbled.

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