A MUST READ: 10 Traditional Norms That Make People Think Catholic Church Is An Occult

Each church has its traditions and its ways of doing things. Such church in the world today that stands out in its practices is Catholic Church.

Catholic Church existed as far back as the birth of Christ. According to history, Catholic Church is the oldest church in the world which was directed founded by Jesus Christ himself. It is the more reason many of its practices differ from that of other churches.

In this article, we want to look out for 10 outstanding things that make people out who are not Catholic think Catholic Church is a secret cult.

  1. USING OF INCENSE DURING HOLY MASS: Using incense is one of the traditional practices in the Catholic Church. It dates back to when God instructed Aaron, his chief priest in the book of Exodus 30:7-9, to offer a sweet fragrance of burnt incense to him at the Altar. To date, the Catholic Church is firm to the practice during the celebration of the Holy mass.
  2. PROCESSION: In every official celebration of the Holy Mass, a priest processes from the entrance of the church to the Altar where a priest normally stands to celebrate mass. During the procession, other functionaries in the mass such as; Lay readers, Mass Servers, the Catechist, Choristers, normally join the priest in the procession in a solemn song. This practice in the Catholic Church has remained the same to date.
  3. HOLY ROSARY: Unlike before, many Church denominations have started using the rosary to pray. It is like a competition today unlike before where Catholic Church used to be criticized for praying with rosary nicknamed by the Protestants as “Bead”. Though religion like Islam uses bead in form of the rosary to pray though their mode of prayers and recitations differ. Rosary is a powerful prayer tool used by Catholics to pray to God.
  4. WINE AND ALTAR BREAD: Wine and altar bread whom without which, Holy mass can never be celebrated. They are one of the important objects used in celebrating Holy Mass. Wine and bread automatically transform to the body and blood of Christ during the celebration of Holy Mass at the altar. During the celebration, whoever receives wine and bread known as ” communion” is believed to have received the body and blood of Christ. Catholic Church does not joke with the Holy Communion after it must have transformed to the body and blood of Christ during the Holy Mass.
  5. BURNING OF CANDLE: Just like people see incense as an occultic object, a candle as usually used during every gathering in the Catholic Church is also seen as an evil object used by the Catholics. As Jesus said in the book of John 8:12 that, he is the light of the world and wherever he is must be light; so the Catholic Church continues to propagate the use of candles in any of its gatherings.
  6. RECITATION OF PRAYERS: If there is anything special about Catholic Church, that is the recitation of prayers. In the Catholic Church, some prayers are short while some are long. This is why people say Catholics don’t pray and that, they read their prayers from books. Catholic Church believes in the laid down rules as such, in order not to make mistakes and move along in uniformity, the Catholic Church uses books called Missal and Sacramental to pray.
  7. REMEMBRANCE OF THE DEATH OF CHRIST: If there is any season the Catholic Church does not joke with, That is the period Jesus Christ died, globally known as the Easter period. The Catholic Church celebrates the death of Christ and observed all he passed through before he gave up the ghost in such a practical way that makes every Catholic feel exactly what Jesus went through before he died. In remembrance of the death of Christ through fasting, stations of the cross, and other activities as mandated by the church during the Lenten period, it is believed that the faith of the Christian Catholics is strengthened.
  8. WEARING OF RED CHASUBLE BY THE PRIEST: Chasuble is the big sleeveless vestment normally worn by Catholic priests. Though some Pentecostal pastors have started copying it and wear it as their official cloth for administration, it is an official cloth used by Catholic priests to celebrate Holy Mass. It has different colors including red and black. It is worn based on the color and celebration of the day as stipulated by the church. The red and black colors make people say Catholic Church is an occultic kingdom.
  9. PRACTICE OF CELIBACY: One outstanding traditional practice in the Catholic Church is the practice of celibacy amongst the priests and allied Church ministers such as Brothers, Rev. Sisters, and the Monks. This practice dates back to the time of Peter, who was the first Pope of the Church. To date, the Church still maintains that tradition of no marriage for any man or woman who indicates interest to serve God as a priest. It is believed to be one of the traditions that has upheld the integrity of the Catholic Church to date.
  10. RECITATION OF THE APOSTLE CREED: The apostle creed in the Catholic Church is known as “I believe in God”. Sometimes, it is sung as a song while sometimes it is recited depending on what the officiating priest wants. It is one of the norms in the Catholic Church that got people aback especially those who do not believe in God the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

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