Abba Kyari’s Death: The Double Standards Of Hypocrites Mourners.

The death of Abba Kyari,the chief of staff to president Muhammadu Buhari as a result of corona virus will realy shock and shake the Presidential villa. A strong ally and a leading factor of the cabals as they are fondly called has left to the great beyond; may ALLAH the Almighty accept him and forgive his short comings and may Aljannatul Firdausi be his final abode,ameen.

The death is one among the topical issues in the cyberspace today, the discussions took different dimensions from the different sections of Nigeria. Many are mourning while others are celebrating.The mourners have every reason to do so,it is in fact ethical,religious and morally right for every discernible minds to be mournful whenever death occurred, regardless of religion, ethnicity ,positions or geographical location of the death person. The celebrants have no any justification,what so ever, political and ethnic sentiments might be the reasons.

This is not the first time persons in authority lost their lives in Nigeria. From 1966 to date,Nigeria lost about four serving leaders, the lates prime minister Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, former late heads of states General Murtala Muhammad and General Sani Abacha and president Umar Musa Yar’adua. There are governors,members of the executive and parliament,emirs etc who also died while serving. May their gentle souls rest in peace.

The actions of these hypocrites mourners here in the cyberspace give me a second thought on what humanity means in their own definitions, they are busy making threats that they will blocked whoever among their Facebook friends is celebrating the death of Mallam Abba Kyari,citing reasons on why the should not accommodate such people in their list.

The irony of all is,these same hypocrites mourners of today celebrates and support the killing of thousands of Shi’ite followers in Zaria in the early days of Buhari’s first tenure,same people justify the killings of Shi’ites in Abuja and other places by the military just because they regarded the Shi’ites members as nuisance in their own primordial thinking.

I can exactly recall how these irritants spent days posting gory pictures of mutilated bodies of the victims making mockery of them,the recent killings in Abuja by the military is a case in points, a video went viral here in the cyberspace,where one of the victims was traced by the soldiers in a culvert and gruesomely killed,their crime is staging a “peaceful protests” seeking for the released of their incarcerated and detained leader and his wife.

Celebrating death didn’t start today and will not end today, what a world!.For record purposes, I’m not a Shi’ite member and as a muslim,I’m not celebrating his death,but my question to the hypocrites mourners of today is,are the Shiites not human being? Or it is case of selective humanity? Are the Shiites members have no bereaved families to sympathise with?. They should take the bitter pills as those Shi’ites followers do,they are paid with the same coins they paid others; it is a case of what goes around comes around. I hope this will serves as a lesson to them that humanity required justice not selfishness.

While sympathising with the relatives and friends of Baba Kyari for this great lost,especially Baba Buhari and the federal government,I’m praying for the cook recovery of the remaining infected persons across the world and we to be spared from this pandemic #Covid19.

Be human always, don’t celebrate a death, corona virus is real,observe social distancing and stay safe.

Isyaka Laminu Badamasi write from Bauchi and can be reached on 08033665510,[email protected]

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