Adamu Garba Apologises To The South For Being Misunderstood During ENDSAR Protest Saga

I know that some of my messages was mischievously twisted by someone to appear as though I was against south. This is not so.

I was talking to the north on issue of international conspiracy against the Nigerian state, north the south.

I caused anger & pain, to this I apologize.

Many of you don’t see the extend of things then. It was an information warfare released on our country, we have to fight them back aggressively.

In war tactics, part of containment strategy to isolate the red zones from green ones. I had to ask the north never to participate In order to preserve the green zone from the consequential damages affecting the red zone. I assure you that this worked exceedingly, lives and properties were saved. This is a success.

In war strategy, any kind, you must contain to isolate, then the target becomes clearer.

I also understand that many of the young Nigerian have information deficit regarding statecraft & art of governance. I had to step in, be the shield & take all the bullets in order to preserve our peace, our sovereignty, our values & our identities.

Ladies & gentlemen, we won!

We must continue to remain resolute about our country, it’s success, it’s growth and it’s unity for it to rise to its true greater potential.

As as long as we continue to push back against any potential setbacks, we shall keep moving forward!

We shall continue to overcome!

May God bless Nigeria, the Government and the People of this country.

May God continue to empower our leaders with good sense of patriotism & wisdom to steer us forward

May the people of Nigeria continue to remain peaceful and prosperous!

God Save Nigeria, Ameen!!!

Thank you!

Wisdom Bassey

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