ASH WEDNESDAY: How To Have A Fulfilled Lenten Season

Ash Wednesday is a Wednesday in the christendom where the Catholics use ash to mark on their foreheads every February in a year. The ash on the forehead of every Catholic reminds them that, “it is in the dust they were created and in dust shall they return”. It also reminds every Christian that, one day, they shall all die.

On Ash Wednesday, every Catholic attends Holy Mass and have the ash marked on their foreheads. It is the day that ushers every Christan into Lenten season which leads to Easter.

In this article, here are things to do in order to have a fulfilled Lenten period;

  1. Observe Prayer and Fasting everyday or perhaps, every Friday.
  2. Show love as it is also another season for the Christians to show one another love.
  3. Meditate at least 10minutes everyday.
  4. Go for confession before the Priest.
  5. Give alms as the essence of Lent is to visit the poor and give alms.
  6. Take your problems and burdens to God in prayer.
  7. Visit the sick in the hospital.
  8. Repent and accept Jesus.
  9. Read and reflect on the Bible.
  10. Abstain from sexual immorality and other things that give pleasure.

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