BARR.ONOFIOK LUKE: A Man Dedicated To Duty

-By Unwana Assam, Eket

One aspect is electing someone into political office and another is for the person to understand the purpose and the reason for which he was elected to serve. Many political players dangle boots and wash their hands off straight away they are elected into political office forgetting in a rush the volumes of empty promises they made to their electorates.

The two-term House Of Assembly Member, former Speaker of Akwa Ibom State, and the current House Representatives member, Rt. Hon. (Barr.) Onofiok Luke is one of the very few MPs from Akwa Ibom state who knows and understands the plight of the citizens as well as carrying out the job description he was elected by his people to serve and carry out in Abuja as stipulated in the Constitution and expected by his people.

We have seen some Members of Parliament in the state and frequently, people are forced to ask how a number of them made their way into the National Assembly? Whether people were hypnotized to vote for some of them or were nevertheless the same old techniques of inducing delegates with money and finally moved on to steer the electorates with identical. I mean, we have gotten a good number of the assembly members who hitherto do not understand their left to the right. We had few who since they were voted into office, never sponsored any bill neither is aware of wherein/a way to start from. Announcing some of them are only there to answer “honorable” and wagging their ego into being praised by the cheap audience in occasions, with hailing voices like “you are my leader” “give way to my leader” “onomkpoinam” even when the fellow is politically lazy. In all these the case of Onofiok Luke is distinct.

Other than serving his instantaneous constituency religiously in the National Assembly, Onofiok has additionally been a light bearer of Akwa Ibom kingdom in the countrywide assemblage and the youngsters ambassador in the state. No marvel he is popularly referred to as “the people’s MP”.

He has been on the course of making laws and delivers dividends of effective leadership for his people and Akwa Ibom State voluminously. He is a person with sizable and supernatural grace that anywhere he finds himself, he leaves lasting footprints.

How about his lifestyle? It won’t be wrong opining the fact that Barr. Onofiok Luke is the typical example of a servant leader especially from this part of the world where someone of his caliber is hardly found to be so. Over the years, Barr. Onofiok Luke had offered himself as a sacrificial lamb strictly for service to humanity. He is humble and sociable to a fault. Open-minded, respectful, intelligent, down-to-earth, in fact he is a political guru. Someone who knows him well knows this article is not an attempt trying to synchronize sycophancy rather, describing the true nature of the man, Barr.Onofiok. Howbeit, suffice to say, as far as leadership and Akwa Ibom politics is concerned, Barr. Onofiok is one of the precious gifts to Akwa Ibom State he can’t be enshrouded even in decades to come.

He has found himself a niche as a noble gentleman and for the people’s MP to keep soaring like an eagle, one can only but pray for God’s grace and protection for him.

Wisdom Bassey

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