Be More Concerned About The Future Outcome Of The Decisions You Make Today.>>> Huspupi Advises Youths

A Dubai based Nigerian and the Instagram celebrity popularly known as Hushpuppi had come again. This time around, he is advising the youths who want to become big in future to be concerned about the future outcome of their decisions taken today. In other words; he admonished the youths to be more responsible in their actions. He wrote;

“I don’t know which of you young King and queens needs to hear this but today I want to tell you that you need to be more concerned about the future outcome of the decisions you make today more than the pleasure it gives you today. 80 if not 90% of the people that wanted to be bad guys in school back in the days, who wanted to do all the bad stuffs and act tough in school back then are some of the most gentle people I know now trying to survive now or even have a good meal or comfortable homes and 80% of the gentle people back then who went through the process and paid the price to become successful even when bullied or laughed at for whatever reasons are doing very ok now even if they are not veeery wealthy but at least they have good jobs and can provide for their families comfortably. It’s really easy to make the wrong decisions when you are young but please try to always double check the decisions you make and don’t be scared to ask an elderly one for advices or them to guide you. Be safe out there youngings”.

Unwana Assam

Wisdom Bassey

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