We are in the society where everyone wants to prove to the society that, they have made it in life thus, feeling pompous and show themselves important to the eyes of the people. To say the least, in this era of social media, nobody appears to be poor especially among […]

By NkutJesus Ekpoudom Dakkadaism is an appreciative philosophical exploration of authentic re-awakening. It is an inspiration and a demonstration of a credible and authentic meaning of what is means to ‘rise’. “Dakkada” captures, expresses, articulates and meaningfully thinks of the possibility of reawakening the psyche of an average Akwa Ibomite. […]

-By Cubana Chief Priest (1.) Your salary will never make you rich. Your boss isn’t that foolish. (2.) Your salary is fixed, are your expenses fixed?. (3.) If your company pays you the exact true value of the services you render, they would be running at a loss. As an […]

-By Williams Uchemba Seek first Gods kingdom and it’s righteous and everything else will be added to you. Don’t chase what is in Gods hands, chase what is in his heart and what is in his hands will follow. Don’t allow what is going on in the world today about […]

Before now, many people have been asking whether the billionaire, Mr. Femi Otedola has a son to his lineage or not, while others assume, Mr. Femi does not have a male child apart from the 3female children he is fond of flaunting on the social media. Fewa Otedola, the only […]

The celebrity Bar Man popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest has taken time to admonish the blacks especially Nigerians to stop hating one another, gossip and cause divisions among themselves. That, blacklives can’t matter when people continue to practice these vices. ………………………………………………………………………… Racism??? We said whites re racist, how much […]

Let me tell you a story about racism. The first actual afro-latino valedictorian of Harvard Law School, Pedro Albizu Campos graduated in 1921. He graduated while simultaneously studying Literature, philosophy, Chemical Engineering, and Military Science. He was fluent in six modern and two classical languages: English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, […]

Ladies are like race horses: they must be mastered, tamed, trained, exercised and regularly serviced. They are like race cars: their engine must be revved at least twice a day. They are like precious jewels and rare gems: they must be cherished, shielded, guarded, protected and defended. They are like […]

By Edidiong Udobia Having spent more than 10 minutes listening to Rev. Al Sharpton deliver a powerful and thought-provoking speech at George Floyd’s Memorial Service in Minneapolis, I became so emotionally attached to the event that I had to join the 8 minutes 46 seconds of silence to commemorate the […]

-Ubong Sunday I am Sunday Ubong Okon a non partisan citizen of Nigeria who is viewing life in a different perspective. So many are born in societies that do not understand how their resources could be harnessed for the benefit of everyone residing in it. I am such a fellow […]

The beggining of one’s life is apparently quite seminal to the essence of one’s being. This therefore gives credence to the ritual of birthday celebration across cultures. Birthday is always a day to reflect as well as commemorate the day one came into being. Hon.Vincent Uwemedimo is not a strange […]

1. Abba Kyari hailed from Borno State and was born on November 17, 1938. 2. The 81-year-old was a lawyer, businessman and politician. 3. In August 2015, Kyari was appointed as the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari. 4. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology […]

Young Lady Stranded In Abuja After Visiting A Man She Met On Facebook On Valentine’s Day, >>>Newsline9ja.com A 25 Year Old Lady Travels to Abuja to Meet a Guy She Met on Facebook on the last Valentine’s Day and when she got to Kubwa in Abuja, just to dial the […]

Man And Children Become Citizens Of Australia, Says They Don’t Really Care About Nigerian Man announced on his twitter handle that, he and his children have become Australian citizens says; as Nigerians in diaspora, they are still concerned about Nigeria even as they are not happy that things are they […]