-By Unwana Assam Eseme Eyiboh is one popular name in Esit Eket local government, Akwa Ibom, and even Nigeria at large. Some of us started hearing about him and had a certain grok of him right from birth. At that time, whenever the name was mentioned, all kinds of notions […]

Born on 16th March 1978. From Nsit Ubium LGA. He is the first of the five children born to his parents. Attended Lutheran High School, Obot Idim. Studied Law at the University of Uyo. Married to Dr. Uduak Onofiok Luke Assumed office as a federal lawmaker on 11th June, 2019 […]

As a Catholic who prefers attending 6:30am mass in the early morning of every Sunday, it is obvious that, every Sunday mass always avails itself with new opportunities and lessons. According to today’s Sunday homily with the topic “FAITH IN GOD AND FAIRH IN CHRIST”, I have come to understand […]

Being a bachelor and being married as a man are two different things and each phase has its own life’s experience and challenges. Being a bachelor in Nigeria differ from being a bachelor in any other country and this article focuses in life of a typical Nigerian Bachelor. 1. THE […]

In Nigeria, having harmattan in the month of February seems to be very strange. It is something that has never happened before hence the reason many people scream. Nigeria is one of the few countries with good and equable weather conditions. Harmattan season is usually a short period of 2-3months […]

History has it that, woman was created out of man. That is after God must have created man and discovered that, it won’t be easy for man to cope alone and God now decided to create woman out of man’s rib. Woman by nature is a very complex being that […]

People are loyal for different reasons and to different people. A Loyalist is expected to be rewarded after a certain period of time. To the Nigerian Politicians, loyalty entails; Years of suffering Extremely hard-working to a cause Look hungry before the master Keep calling him Sir Remain poor Sing praises […]

While celebrating Valentine’s day, it necessary to know some facts about the world celebrated legend. Though many people who misconstrued the day for other outrageous acts don’t really understand what St. Valentine stood for but in this article, being Valentine’s day, it will do thousands of love seekers more good […]

Sex is the emotional and physical activity between man and woman, though homosexuality can also apply as the case maybe. Sex is found in many world’s greatest books as such, it forms great part of the human. Sex is the activity people indulge in every day but good number of […]

Being single and firm in this era where pressure of all sorts engulfs requires alot and tough decisions to stay on track. As one is faced with many temptations, it’s necessary one looks at life on the positive and futuristic side. The five things are: GOD: A single person who […]

We are in the society where everyone wants to prove to the society that, they have made it in life thus, feeling pompous and show themselves important to the eyes of the people. To say the least, in this era of social media, nobody appears to be poor especially among […]

By NkutJesus Ekpoudom Dakkadaism is an appreciative philosophical exploration of authentic re-awakening. It is an inspiration and a demonstration of a credible and authentic meaning of what is means to ‘rise’. “Dakkada” captures, expresses, articulates and meaningfully thinks of the possibility of reawakening the psyche of an average Akwa Ibomite. […]

-By Cubana Chief Priest (1.) Your salary will never make you rich. Your boss isn’t that foolish. (2.) Your salary is fixed, are your expenses fixed?. (3.) If your company pays you the exact true value of the services you render, they would be running at a loss. As an […]

-By Williams Uchemba Seek first Gods kingdom and it’s righteous and everything else will be added to you. Don’t chase what is in Gods hands, chase what is in his heart and what is in his hands will follow. Don’t allow what is going on in the world today about […]

Before now, many people have been asking whether the billionaire, Mr. Femi Otedola has a son to his lineage or not, while others assume, Mr. Femi does not have a male child apart from the 3female children he is fond of flaunting on the social media. Fewa Otedola, the only […]

The celebrity Bar Man popularly known as Cubana Chief Priest has taken time to admonish the blacks especially Nigerians to stop hating one another, gossip and cause divisions among themselves. That, blacklives can’t matter when people continue to practice these vices. ………………………………………………………………………… Racism??? We said whites re racist, how much […]