Today is a DIVINE MERCY SUNDAY, and so, our Lord Jesus gives us peace, the kind that the world can not give, and breaths in us the Holy Spirit, the divine life(John 20:19-31); the kind that helps us to forgive one’s sins and fosters a communal living. However, the resurrection […]

To make your Sunday worthwhile according to the command of God, here are the five obligations to keep. 1. ATTEND CHURCH SERVICE: One of the important events that makes Sunday worthwhile is going to church and worship God. Though some people believe that, one must not go to church in […]

Dear sister, don’t rush in marrying some one that you will later regret. Don’t marry a man of this category: *Toxic person*Drugs addict*Womanizer They are worst than nothing, no matter what they have or how beautiful they are it is better for u remain single.

People still think marriage is all about sex….I doubt if this is not one of the reasons some marriages are breaking today. Marriage is more about companionship, connecting with someone you can call your ‘grade’. Someone who won’t think you’re bothering them when you tell them trivial things that bother […]

My Wife Does Not Greet Me For 3years Now; Man Cries Out, Says He Wants To Send Her Back Home. >>> Mr. Francis who has married for ten years is in serious dilemma as he disclosed that, his wife whom he has married for ten good years and lived with […]

If You Want Your Relationship To Go Far, Do The Following Things: 1. Stay Focus 2. Apologize when necessary. 3. Say the truth no matter the situation. 4. Try not to cheat. 5. Compliment each other. 6. Bundle together. 7. Be a giver. 8. Be selfless. 9. Do not keep […]