CHILD ABUSE: Whenever I Sleep With An Underage Girl, I Feel Satisfied; >>> A Serial Child Rapist Confesses

The end has come for a serial rapist, from Abia State who upon investigations, opened up to news men that; he always feels satisfied whenever he sleeps with a child between 5 and 10year old.

This happened after nemesis caught up with him on Saturday 15th February, 2020 in Umuahia, Abia State.

As usually, Mr. Denis was caught by one of his tenants who observed something fishy for over one month and decided to have a physical evident this time when he went about to carry out his usual act with the little Blessing (not real name).

According to the eye witness who caught him in the act; “I am one of his tenants. I have lived here for more than 2years now. In December, about second week, when I came back from work, I saw my landlord playing with the little girl in his sitting room. What actually caught my attention was the way he touched the little girl. He touched the girl where he did not suppose to touch even when the little girl was gasping, pleaded with him to let her go so that her mother will not beat her when she comes back from work. In my quest to know what was really going on, I had to wait and peep on him from where I was standing.

So after a stiff resistance from the little girl, he had to let her go and handed her #20 naira with the promise to give her more.

“So today, I did nit go to work and I was indoor throughout. I heard when the little girl came back from school. Mean while, non of them knew I was inside my room. Within 5minutes after, he tricked the girl from her mother’s room to his sitting room and promised to buy food for her.

By this time, I stepped out to see things for myself so as to have evidence. Immediately he dragged the little girl inside, he pulled out his trousers and started having canal knowledge with the girl and I heard the little girl crying and begging him to live her alone”.

The eye witness said; after he witnessed all that happened, he had to call the mother to rush home and see something.

In a brief interview with our secret reporter, little Blessing said; Uncle Denis used to promise me money whenever my mother went out. Whenever my mother went out, he will ask me to come and see something in his room; so when ever I enter, he will play with me and touch me this places (Breast and private part). Whenever he did that, if I tell him I will report to my mother, he always threatened to either send us packing or killed me.

“So since I do not want to die and also, we have no money to go and rent new place, I had to keep quiet”, the little Blessing said.

When asked why he likes sleeping with underage girls, Mr. Denis said; “I don’t just know but I just like sleeping with little girls. It started that since my wife left me. I am a bricklayer and I found it difficult to woo women.

“Sleeping with little girls is less stressful to me and I derive joy doing that even though I have always known; what I am doing is not good but I had no other option. I feel so ashamed of myself and I promise never to do it if I am released. I am begging everybody here to help me beg the police to release me because, I will never commit such act again.


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