CLEVERNESS IN LEADERSHIP: The Udom Emmanuel methodology

Richard Peters

The 21st Century leadership quotient is not measured by the number of academic degrees one has acquired in his life time, but by the percipience, sapience, acumen, sagacity and eggheadedness of a leader. Although, we cannot completely rule out the essentiality of academic intelligence in governance, but it is not a basis for good leadership.

History is repletes with the failed leadership of some world leaders that have earned a number of PhDs in various fields of study. There are professors of law around the world that lack common knowledge to profer solution to the myriad of problems bedeviling their socities.The late President of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe is reputed to be the world’s most educated president with over 5 Masters Degrees, but that did not stop the amputation of Zimbabwe’s economic limbs, such that people could not afford a loaf of bread. It was as bad as that. On the other hand, there are leaders with just an average or little academic qualifications but have achieved so much.

However, in the case of Gov. Emmanuel, he is both educated and naturally intelligent. There can be no debate as to the braininess and wit of the governor. From Politics to Lifestyle, Business to Engineering, Medicine to Agriculture, Gov. Emmanuel is highly versatile and can shock even professionals in these fields if engaged in a debate. One would easily wonder how on earth God will bless one man with almost every thing when the governor is engaged in a discourse.

Those close to the Government House have severally expressed their amazement of the brain power of Gov. Emmanuel, one which is said to be Aristotelian in nature, Narendra Modian in approach, and George Washingtonic in practice. The latter being reputed to be the first in war, first in peace, first in human sympathy and compassion: always being the first even as the first president of the United States.

Gov. Emmanuel may have not been the first Governor of Akwa Ibom State, but has been the first Governor in Nigeria to boast of a State owned airline which at today prides herself as one of the few favoured brides in the Nigerian Aviation Industry. He is also the first Governor in Nigeria since 2015 till date to boast of over 15 mega industries at a time when the economy of the country is at limbo. Gov. Emmanuel is still the first Governor in Nigeria that the President, which is from another political party often desired his company in most of his international economic meetings/submits, in the early days of Buhari’s administration(a rare thing in Africa). This was due to Gov. Emmanuel’s astuteness and brilliance, recognized even outside the shores of Africa.

When Gov. Emmanuel discusses issues in Medicine, Construction and Installation, Agriculture, Aviation, Management, Law and then Business where he has an internationally recognized signature, you cannot but crown him the Solomon of our generation.

This wisdom and highbrowism is what has placed him at the top, giving him the wings to fly like an eagle on economic storms stresslessly.

Gov. Emmanuel’s emotional intelligence, business intelligence and character quotient have kept him focused despite the vicious attacks launched by enemies of the state. He has remained stable, balance, unmoved but resilient in handling state matters.

A case in point is the way some states governors are playing to the gallery ( a kind of notice me stunts) in the way they are handling the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike others, Gov. Emmanuel in his usual show of humility has shown maturity and composure in managing the health crisis, without making noise, yet has surpassed many in achievement, especially in the building of the 300 beds isolation center and molecular laboratory reputed to be the best in Africa by the World Health Organization (WHO).

His emotional intelligence has made him to talk only when it is necessary and remain calm in the face of challenges.

His business intelligence has made him to rise economically when others are sinking in the ocean of recession, while his character quotient is what stands him out as the best in the management of state resources.

Although this is where he spent most of his life, as a top bank manager, overseeing hundreds of bank branches in Africa, his character quotient helps him to prudently manage the lean resources of the state. He has been able to achieve so much with so little, than others who had so much but achieved less than little.

Even at a time when the world economy is said to be in recession due to the coronavirus pandemic, Akwa Ibom has added another aircraft to its fleet, built and completed a 300-bed space isolation center in record time of 41 days, refurbished and upgraded health care facilities in all the hospitals in the state, paid salaries up to date, formed a Covid-19 economy recovery Committee made up of the best brains from all walks of life, launched out farmers enemuration scheme with juicy packages for farmers in the state to help boost and sustain the Agriculture renaissance project he started in the state when he took over power, without grumbling and making noise.

Akwa Ibom people will forever remain grateful that at a time like this, God gave us a leader who is sound in mind, compassionate in heart and intellectually smart. Akwa Ibom is blessed.

Wisdom Bassey

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