Cooking Is For The Women And Should Be Done By Them-Mr. Ibu

*How often do you go shopping for food* ?

I don ’t have the time to do that because of work . Therefore , my wife handles that aspect . I don’ t know how often she does that.

*Do you take note of the nutritional value of the things you eat* ?

My wife knows all about food and it is her duty to take not of that. She makes sure she gives me the best of what I need to eat . I do not take note on my own ( of the nutritional value) , but my wife does it for me .

*Do you know how to cook*?

No , I don’t know how to cook . I can only boil water . There was only a time I tried to cook , but my wife eventually did that for me . I told her how I wanted the soup to be made and the ingredients I wanted in it. I call it Ibu
stew .

*Do you like spicy food* ?

No , I do not really like it. Also , I ’m scared of food that has certain types of flavours.

*Do you like to eat out or eat at home*?

It depends, I ’m always out for work , so I eat out . But whenever I ’m back home, I always eat at home.

*What is your favourite meal *?

I love eating ‘swallow’ with good soups like vegetables , egusi and okra .

*Do you think cooking should be done by only women or by both genders* ?

Cooking is for the women and should be done by them , except on few occasions if you just feel the need to cook , which shows you have regard for your wife. Asides that , cooking is a woman ’s duty .
When a man cooks , it is either because the wife is away from home and he’ s alone . So , he has to cook for himself .

*Have you ever eaten anything that made you ill* ?

Yes , I have , and it was due to the fact that I ate at a wrong time . I was on set and we had to shoot . I therefore, postponed eating until later in the evening and by the time I ate it, made me sick . It gave me constipation .


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