By NkutJesus Ekpoudom

Dakkadaism is an appreciative philosophical exploration of authentic re-awakening. It is an inspiration and a demonstration of a credible and authentic meaning of what is means to ‘rise’. “Dakkada” captures, expresses, articulates and meaningfully thinks of the possibility of reawakening the psyche of an average Akwa Ibomite. It is not just about standing up. It is about going higher and of course, conquering oneself for the world is nothing but a reflection of our thoughts and feelings.

When Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, stated many years ago that “the unexamined life is not worth living”, little did he know that he was making a remark that would forever be a source of inspiration to genuine philosophic pursuit. Dakkada goes back to Socrates who saliently averred that the sufficient condition to the good life is self knowledge. Hence, the Socratic dictum, “man know thyself”(Gnothi Secauton). From antiquity, the reigning school of thoughts had always been ignorance. Ignorance sat on its own throne with the hope of ruling the world. Gradually, the chains of ignorance were broken bit by bit and at the modern era, a radical and systematic purgation of ignorance and strict installation of reason as arbiter, characterized the manifesto or the focal pronouncement of the era.

Dakkadaism like pragmatism is a philosophy of action. It activates man’s deadliest weapon, “the
Nous”(mind), throws man into the new age of reason and invites him to think for himself; in other words, to wake up from slumber. Dakkadaism is an explorative psychological renaissance. The phraseology is a motivation, an invitation, a clarion call. Dakkada is in sympathetic contrast with Nditó edidia nso?(Philosophy of touting/irresponsible begging). Dakkada is not just about standing up. You don’t just rise. Ex nihilo nihil fit(from nothing, nothing comes). There must be a reason for standing up in the first place. Dakkada is about attitudinal change. It is about the reconscientization of our psyche. The earlier one realizes this, the better, for no one necessarily stands up for nothing. Yet, even if you stand up for “nothing”(it may seem), the “nothing” you stand up for, is something in itself. Hence, the something in nothing; the something of nothing.

Dakkada is not about PDP. It is not about APC; not about Udom Emmanuel, not about Godswill Akpabio, not about Muhammadu Buhari and not about NkutJesus Ekpoudom, in strictu sensu. It goes beyond POLITICS. It is about YOU and I. It is about us as a people. It is a call to arise to greatness and moral/spiritual rebirth. Dakkada invites us to shun ethnic chauvinism and tribal bigotry. Perhaps, when Dakkadaism is fully appreciated, Akwa Ibom shall not only be growing but shall develop tremendously.

Wisdom Bassey

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