Do The Following Things With Your Loved Ones To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day:

It is globally known that, 14th of February every year is a Valentine’s Day and this year’s own is unarguably falling on Friday 14th February, 2020. Prior to this day, many people have already made plans to surprise their loved ones with either gift items, physical presence, words of advice, etc.

In this part of the world, people have started talking about it and Valentine’s day which is a day to love and show love to loved ones is already smelling in the Air.

In this Edition, we are going to outline the few things you can do on Valentine’s Day with your loved ones in order to make it memorable;

  1. Present Gift To Your Loved Ones: In as much as giving someone a gift item on Valentine’s Day is not a do or die affair, it is at the same time very pertinent that, if you have, you buy anything of your choice as a gift and present to some one so dear to you. It shows that, you love and value the person, and apparently, you equally meant well to your loved ones.
  2. Do Not Get Yourself Workedup: There is no law in the World that states; one must buy gift to loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Noo, there is no such law. Giving is an act of freewill and not by compulsion. On a Valentine’s Day, if you don’t have, forget about it and that does not mean Valentine’s ends that day. Everyday is a Valentine’s day to those who love themselves.
  3. Visit Motherless Home Another way of making your Valentine’s Day a fulfilled and memorable one is by visiting and spend time with children in motherless home. Since those in such home don’t have people who passionately care and love them, it is important that you visit and make them feel loved on Valentine’s Day.
  4. Tell Your Partner, I Love You: Many at times, people show love but find it difficult to express it in words. As a matter of fact, there is nothing as powerful in a relationship as a spoken word. That four letter words “Love” means a lot to your partner. So even if you do not have any other thing to give to your partner on Valentine’s Day, try and remind him/her in words that, you so much love him/her.
  5. Stay Indoors: Staying indoors on the Valentine’s Day helps more than any other thing. By staying Indoors with your loved ones and cuddle each other you avoid some occurrences outside. On Valentine’s Day, many people loss lives, some get unwanted pregnancy. So, staying indoors with some one who really cares for you on that day will help you avoid some of these unnecessary happenings.
  6. Attend Church Service: As it is globally known, Valentine was a Saint in the church. Some one who died for showing love to people in the way so pleasing to God. So, it is very important that, you also use the same day and attend church service so as to thank God for your loved ones.
  7. Spend A Night Outside Your Home: Another way of spicing your Valentine’s Day up is by taking your partner out and spend time outside your usual home with him/her. Something odd may not be memorable but at least, paying a night in a Hotel and spend the night with your partner will make your Valentine’s Day fun-filled and memorable.


Wisdom Bassey

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