Eedris Should Not Hesitate To Sue Festus Keyamo For An Enforcement Of His Fundamental Rights To Privacy-A’Ibom Lawyer


Now permit me to begin by stating unequivocally here that both Eedris and Keyamo were comrades in the same struggles. Festus was once an activist for good governance but today he is in the worst Government ever in the history of Nigeria and he’s lost his voice. Eedris was an advocate for good governance but today he’s struggling to be part of the worst Government ever in the history of Nigeria and out of frustration from being carried along he’s no vocally critical against the said Government.

In the yore days of Keyamo’s activism he was sent behind bars and eedris made sure to lament over it in his all time hit single Nigeria Jaga Jaga.
But those years are long gone today and those activists have long retired of their activism like the saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them.

Now Keyamo became a minister in the temple of oppression and corruption called Federal Government of Nigeria and Eedris approached him severally through correpondence and physical meeting soliciting to be taken aboard and eventually begging for “alms” from his fellow comrade who failed him, refused him and denied him. In his frustration Eedris went back to the studios to release another version of Nigeria Jaga Jaga and this time made sure to sign out by stating that the same Keyamo he lamented for in the fist edition 17 years ago was now feasting with the oppressors.

In reaction nay retaliation Festus Keyamo SAN released evidence of his chat with Eedris where the song activist was begging him for money and for political favours.

Both men have blundered greatly, in morality, but one of them has blundered in law. Sadly, it is the one who should know better. Festus Keyamo.

By releasing the said chats the Senior Advocate of Nigeria has violated the fundamental right to privacy of his friend and comrade as guaranteed by section 37 of the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
It reads:

“The privacy of citizens, their homes, correspondence, telephone conversations and telegraphic communications is hereby guaranteed and protected.”

The implication of this provision is that the chat between Eedris and Keyamo is protected as private correspondence between the two from being exposed. It is a join ownership. One cannot make public of it without the direct or indirect consent of the other. The only exception to this is where one of the owners denies the existence of such chat (correspondence) at that point Keyamo would have been duty bound to reveal it to prove its existence.
Releasing the said chat in reaction or retaliation to a fair and public comment made about him by his fellow comrade or acquaintance to embarrass him is less than petty.

In fact, the protection of our privacy as regards correspondence and telephone conversation is so serious that even the media houses and individuals themselves who have shared it on the media are all respectively liable! Hence, the very reason, I cannot accompany this write up with them.

The smart thing for Keyamo would have been to dismiss the Eedris’ revived activism by accusing him of blackmail or even calling him a frustrated beggar. Eedris being a proud and arrogant short fuse with short memory as well would have denied being a beggar. Boom! To prove that he’s a beggar who has importuned the life out of Keyamo arrives the chats!!!

In this case Eedris merely accused Keyamo of abandoning his former anti corruption stance to become a principal member of a corrupt regime. Every Nigerian who was around during Keyamo’s days of crusade against bad governance would have wondered how Eedris managed to release a redo of Nigeria Jaga Jaga without mentioning the man who was behind jail in the first release and now part of those sending activists and innocent Nigerians to jail and early grave today.

Alas, Eedris doesn’t need to be a desperado to sue Festus Keyamo for an enforcement of his fundamental rights to privacy when the courts reopen. Come to think of it, how is Festus Keyamo SAN able to sleep at night knowing that the courts he use to run to for the sake of his live and that of other Nigerians has been shutdown for weeks now at the instance of the misgovernance of a Government he’s now eating fat from?

I write as Comrade Ewa Okpo Edmund II
Street Lawyer, Arbitrator & Literati
08061579995 arrest me if you like!

Wisdom Bassey

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