EFC2023: We Are Set

If men are to be judged by their antecedents, then the verdict of yesterday from the corners of Ibeno has rung loud enough. It rained torrents of goodwill and kind words for team SET when its principal and his team kicked off their campaign message of Peace and Prosperity during a consultative visit to PDP ward executives in wards 3, 5, and 9.

The sun was scorching and heat blazed down in wild fury. Yet the people waited anxiously for Mr. Sam Ekpenyong Thomas (SET) and listened patiently as he began another moment with them. It was one of his many such moments with the people but this time, he was notifying them of his desire to serve them in a more formal and expansive capacity. SET and his team didn’t speak to the people. They spoke with them.

The excitement was pure, not facilitated by inducements. It reflected on their faces and registered in their countenance too. One could tell – the delegates, party officers and stakeholders ‘know’ their man. Their man knows them too. It wasn’t just the banter of politics, it was the laughter of true friendship and of time-tested brotherhood sustained by a deep bond.

I was in the SET entourage and the love I felt was palpable. Invisible but I could see it. Like a strong wind blowing across, everyone could feel it.

SET formally notified his people about his desire to speak for them – and for Eket, Esit Eket, ONNA people in the House of Reps in 2023. It was his request to them to grant him the privilege to become their voice in the National Assembly. He spoke with them in a language they have since known and understood.

The zealous audience erupted in joy with a thunderous applause and loud shouts of “Abasi sosongo ooo”. Thanking God for touching his heart and giving him the courage to step into the race.
Speaker after speaker reiterated the fact that he was qualified, competent, experienced and humanely peaceful to bring about the needed peace for the prosperity of the federal constituency.

Samuel Ekpenyong, a founding member of the PDP has been a regular campaign coordinator for successive governors in the state since the advent of the PDP – always coasting his principals to victory at the polls and supporting them all through thier tenures in office.
Other success feathers on his cap include: Sen (Dr) Akon Eyakenyi,
Sen Mrs Ufot Ekaete
Her Exc, Sen. Helen Esuene
Hon. Ndueso Essien
Hon. Eseme Eyibo and
Hon. Pat Ifon.

SET was celebrated by the ward officers for braving the odds and roundly dismantling the plot of an indigene (who was touted as the governor in waiting) to frustrate HE Udom Gabriel Emmanuel’s campaign rally in Ibeno ahead of the 2015 elections.
The speaker reminded the crowd of how the Governor who was the PDP’s flag bearer at the time was abandoned in Ibeno on his campaign grounds by the leadership and delegates of the party in Ibeno for the airport to recieve ‘thier own governor’.

Speakers were unanimous in thier agreement that SET has paid his dues both politically and so deserves a chance.

A man with a humble mien, impressive personality and loving heart, he is known for his peace initiatives and courage to oppose injustice, fight it and stand for whatever is right.

A known promoter of the interests of the federal constituency, he is highly regarded for concerning himself with the welfare and well being of his people.

Accessible and approachable, he has given employment opportunities to countless indigenes of Ibeno and others across the federal constituency.

No arguments, SET’s ambition is down to a motivation to inspire hope and build dreams by showing how things can be done differently for greater impacts and benefits.

Many people see things as they are and ask “why”? But SET sees things as they ought to be and asks “why not”?

Let’s get SET for peace and prosperity for God’s SET time for us is Now.

Bassey okokon
The Loudspeaker 📢

Wisdom Bassey

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