Ekpenyong Consults EFC Elders, solicits for support, blessings(PHOTOS)

…reiterates commitment to peace

…you are on the right track, says EFC Elders

In his avow commitment and determination to represent the people of Eket Federal Constituency at the Federal House of Representatives, a frontline aspirant, Hon. Samuel Ekpenyong today, April 5, 2022, consulted Eket Federal Constituency Elders to seek their support and blessings to his aspiration.

Addressing the Elders in Eket, Hon. Ekpenyong said he has been a peace advocate and facilitated many peace meetings across the Federal Constituency and Senatorial District respectively, describing himself as a bridge builder that will ensure that all contending issues will be resolved amicably in a roundtable discussion.

“I have been there when I am needed. I have been there when you need me. I have been everywhere to ensure that what we want for this community, which is the best is given to this community, even at the detriment of what I was doing.”

He stressed that one of his cardinal objectives to represent the people of Eket, Esit Eket, Ibeno and Onna local government areas, is to ensure that absolute peace is return to the area for sustainable development.

“My No. 1 objective is to ensure that I facilitate and ensure that there is peace and unity in this Federal Constituency. Once there is peace, any other thing will follow.

He appealed to Eket Federal Constituency Elders to consider him to be their choice based on his past records, promising to reciprocate their good gesture by attracting dividends of democracy to his constituents.

“I don’t have the power. The power is with God and you are the gods here. God will give you the grace to stand in for me because a labourer deserves to be rewarded.”

“I support the completion agenda of his Excellency. I stand by it. I don’t blackmail people. There is no need for blackmail when you know yourself. But what I want is that these my respected elders and fathers to also take decision on my behalf, to also make a pronouncement on my behalf. I will be good and stand in at any point in time you need me to address issues of concern in the Federal Constituency,” Ekpenyong submitted.

Speaking also, the wife of the aspirant and former Commissioner for Women Affairs and Social Welfare, Mrs Eunice Thomas, while drawing inference from Genesis 2:3 said, that after creation, nothing seems to flourish because God withheld the rain.

She disclosed that Samuel Ekpenyong is a man that God has kept for a time like this.

“God doesn’t solve old problems with new strategies. God has deposited His supplies with Sam Ekpenyong and the people will not miss it.

“We will not run out of the resources that our people need. We will not run out of opportunities for our youth. We will not run out of the care that we owe you our elderly people. We will not run out of the social virtue that we ought to return to this society. We may never have this opportunity again if we miss it.

She added that if she know any aspirant that will be better than Sam Ekpenyong, she will ask him to step down. “But having searched all the aspirants, Samuel Ekpenyong promises to be the best.”

In his response, the Eket Senatorial District Political Leader, Chief Nduese Essien, maintained his earlier position that it is Ibeno turn to produce the next Federal House Member. He added that Samuel Ekpenyong remain the only Ibeno man still speaking Ekid language till date. He expressed displeasure over wild claims by some Ibeno leaders on communal issues, charging the aspirant to ensure he address those contentious issues for peaceful coexistence and progress of the Federal Constituency.

The former Chairman of Onna local government area, Chief Mfon Unaidet thanked the aspirant for finding it worthwhile to consult his fathers of his ambition seeking for blessings and support. He noted that Ekpenyong is prudent and knows what to do at any given time, adding that he is somebody that can be reckon with.

Unaidet lauded him for not involved in politics of calumny and didn’t brandish anybody but talking about himself and what he can do, saying that there is no amount of money one may put in election that will give him victory except God. He therefore advised him to take his ambition to God and continue with his consultation and await for results.

Speaking also, Engr. Cyril Akpan from Ibeno said Samuel Ekpenyong is someone he can vouch for based on his personality, integrity and humble disposition. He said he is well bred and thoroughly groom, capable to do this work.

“He will be a bridge builder and accountable to not only his constituents but to God. Sam is someone that whom I am well pleased. With the support of all, we will send a good product to Abuja who will represent the people well.

Hon. Etim Akansi said if we continue to talk about peace, if we are discussing relationship, if we are talking about good governance, it is Sam Ekpenyong. He has always been with us. Sam is one of us and he is an Ekid man. All those that have been going for one office or another, Sam had always contributed and this should be a compensation to reciprocate his support all the years.

The Chairman, Eket Federal Constituency Elders Forum, Gen. Anthony Etukudo (Rtd) in his remarks said Samuel Ekpenyong is his adopted son and will do well if given opportunity based on his past antecedents. He advised him to work more to gain the support of Ibeno delegates as Eket is his support base.

Speaking earlier, the Director General of Samuel Ekpenyong Campaign Organization, Mr. Courage Inam appealed to Eket Federal Constituency Elders that, “It won’t be plausible for our fathers to hand over Ekid nation to the younger generation the way it is. We want you to bring back the former Ekid nation we used to know. The local government creation was for administrative purposes and not to set us apart. We want somebody that will bring peace to our community. The one that we believe will bring back peace that we used to enjoyed is Samuel Ekpenyong.”

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