ESIT EKET 2023: Iniobong Robson Will Deliver Again

Every election year is bellied with its peculiar challenges and that of 2023 can never be different. Even though it’s coming like a wave that does not intend to stop.

The season we are into is such that will trigger actions and reactions from different angles. Friends will become enemies. Enemies will become friends. Evil will turn to good. Good will become evil. Satan will be a saint and saints become satan.

In Esit Eket, a lot has happened already although her case is not new. There have always been events of all sorts that caused people to talk whether elections period or outside the election period.

In all that has happened in Esit Eket, there is one person that blames are always directed to. His name is Iniobong Robson, the council chairman of Esit Eket who doubles as the ALGON Chairman, Akwa Ibom State.

Blaming him for everything that has happened in Esit Eket both in the past and in recent times, especially in the political space is not a new thing nor out of place. To Esit Eket people, it’s a normal thing as it’s a usual occurrence. However, he deserves the blames. He’s their leader. He signed in for it. As a matter of fact, It’s the burden of leadership in Esit Eket LGA he must bear. He can not necessarily escape it. It will always be there until the day he signs out successfully.

In all these that have happened in which the council boss is being dragged both for what he knows and what he knows nothing about, there’s something very unique and outstanding about him that’s worth commending and emulating. That’s, patience and silence.

Etebe as he’s fondly called is one man that no matter what happens, no matter how tense a situation may be, will never bulge or panic. Those who know him can testify to this fact.

As someone who doesn’t talk too much whenever he wants to do something, he has completely given deaf ears to and ignored his traducers. This is one attribute you can never take away from him. Standing firm to what he believes even on the verge of uncertainty.

Like a snake called Viper, Iniobong Robson can lie in one place, you match him, walk on him and do whatever you want to do, he will never react instead, while you are matching and abusing him, he will quietly lie there, plan his ways and achieve that goal which is before him. And he will do it so effortlessly. How he does it, I do not know. It’s an inexplicable grace that God has endowed him with. Suffice it to say that, In every striking situation, he always walked out tall, proud and damned the enemies.

He’s been consistently accused of the things he tried his possible best to make work, yet, some never went as he wanted and as no man is God, one can not necessarily blame him for not being able to control everything and put them in order. Some things this political season were just meant to be the way they are and Robson is not to blame.

One thing is very certain. As he delivered in the 2015, and 2019 general elections as local government council chairman, it’s best assured that, he, as usual, will deliver again in Esit Eket and an exhilarating manner come 2023.

Once he fixes his eyes on something, he will surely get it done no matter the hurdles. With his craftsmanship in political matters and as God has blessed him with super wisdom over political matters, Etebe, without doubt, despite all that is happening in Esit Eket, will deliver PDP and all her candidates.

Let’s keep calm. Everything will be okay and with Iniobong Robson on the saddle of leadership in Esit Eket, the 2023 general elections will be a walkover for all the candidates of PDP.

Comrade Unwana Assam is the media assistant to Rt. Hon. Iniobong Robson, the council chairman of Esit Eket/ALGON Chairman, Akwa Ibom State.

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