ETEBE: Bearing The Brunt Of His People Silently

It may be surprising to many how Iniobong Robson, the two term council chairman of Esit Eket has been able to stand tall amongst his colleagues in the past four-five years in office, and now as the ALGON chairman of Akwa Ibom State.

Again, people may be wondering why the two term council chairman has not massively carried out infrastructural development across the local government area. The reason for this is not far-fetched; the paucity of funds coming into Esit Eket treasury have been channeled into massive human development in and around his jurisdiction. The indefatigable and astute Chair sincerely believes in the sacrosanctity of life, which motivates his preference for a rapid human development with infrastructural development playing a second fiddle. This choice sets the Chair of chairs way beyond his contemporaries.

It is a known fact, that in Esit Eket, Etebe has painstakingly gone out of his way to provide succour to a great number of families. Leadership, according to him, is no for personal aggrandizement but for service and must be carried out in a way that humanity would have a sigh of relief at all times.

The noble leader would always opine that he can never hoard money when the people are languishing in hunger and abject poverty but would set forth every resource accrued to his jurisdiction for the betterment of his citizenry.

This selfless leadership style has made the people nickname him “Ette Ndito Ubuene, Itiat Inuk, Ette Ndito Ekpa, Ebe Mme Nwan Ekpa”. Furthermore, his undying love for humanity and generous disposition have attracted all and sundry to him. A lifestyle very rare amongst public officeholders.

Additionally, if the resources and effort massively deployed to human development of the Esit Eket people, ranging from hospital bills, utility servicing/purchasing support, schools fees, marriage support, building support, feeding support, were to be injected into infrastructural development, there is no type of industry Nnamso would not have built for Esit Eket. As it is, it is only the healthy, the living that can access infrastructural facilities, hence, the wise choice of the number one citizen of Esit Eket.

Leadership in an area such as Esit Eket is not an easy job. When you govern an area majority of people are ridden with poverty, you need only God’s grace to sail through. In a time like this, one can only pray that God gives him sufficient grace, resources, and protection to continue to do more for his people before his time in office elapses.

Unwana Assam is the Special Assistant to the chairman of Esit Eket/ALGON Chairman, Akwa Ibom State, and writes from Eket. 21022022

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