ExxonMobil Former Staff Narrates Her Bitter Experience With Udom Inoyo, Says He Can’t Govern A’Ibom

*Akwa Ibom 2023, Na We We Go Run Am.*

Uncle Udom Inoyo, Step Down!!!

Where are my BAN, Vikings, Black Axe and Community Boys? Come and Read. Na we be street & na we go run am come 2023.

We must ensure my Uncle, Uncle Udom Inoyo does not become the Governor of Akwa Ibom State in 2023.

No Violence will be used because we no dey go war but quietly and surely, we will push him out if he refuses to Step Down in his ambition of trying to become the Governor of Akwa Ibom State.

I joined ExxonMobil in November 2009 despite the fact that those close to me did not want me to work there. What was their reason? They told me those people are not organized. One of them had worked in ExxonMobil & ran away because of the way things were done.

I was determined to work for the Oil & Gas industry and wasn’t going to reject the offer. The complain wey I been hear before I enter na still the complain till I left in December 2016.

Uncle Udom Inoyo was the one who worked with Aunty Regina Udobong to throw me out of Exxon but he lied to people that he did not know anything about it yet the letter that was presented to me was signed by him.

His people said his signature was used but he was not aware like Buhari is not aware of all that is going on in Nigeria.

Uncle Udom na Lawyer so dem use his signature without his authorization, Story for the gods!

Later on, I heard from friends and family that Uncle Udom said that Aunty Regina Udobong wanted me out of the system at all cost. Another tory came up. Uncle Udom told the family that I was busy mixing with everybody. He wanted me to do class and look down on others. Nonsense and Class! Who class epp?

I do not do class and will not do class because All Men were created equal by my father in heaven.

Please follow me closely.

When I joined MPN, an arm of ExxonMobil, Employees were given about 4K every month for Provisions plus Water. Na still Uncle Udom stop am. What was his reason? People littered the offices with the bottles/containers. Just follow me see reason. I was like they have started. Started seeing the things that the people who did not want me to join MPN spoke about.

Joined when Aunty Rita Umoren was the Manager, Public & Government Affairs, QIT. Aunty Rita is an extremely brilliant and hardworking woman. She ensured she took me out on assignments. She would say, Mfon, come and read what I have written to ensure there are no mistakes. Whom am thou that a Manager like Aunty Rita will ask to read through what she had written?

In my opinion, She is a good woman, no one is perfect. I was shocked when Aunty Rita left QIT & became another person still influenced by Uncle Udom Inoyo.

Saw Aunty Rita begin to derail yet Uncle Udom did not call her to order. What could I do to help this woman who ensured I did well on my job, the woman who made sure I did my job with dexterity. Tried to help but Uncle Udom and Aunty Regina Udobong, the major problems in PGA infact the whole MPN led Aunty Rita astray which led to her sack.

Then came Paul Arinze aka Oga High Level. Never knew him but that man saw greatness in me and was determined to see me rise in MPN.

Aunty Regina saw that he liked me, She started her wahala. That woman is full of confusion. Started feeding him with lies & led my Oga High level astray.

Right before my eyes, I saw Oga High Level fall like a pack of cards because of Aunty Regina. Uncle Udom saw Oga Paul going astray but did not do anything to help him. Oga Paul Arinze was sacked too. Na Uncle Udom cause am.

It was Oga Paul that promoted me. The promotion pain Aunty. She could not believe that I was promoted. I look this woman laugh. She truly did not know who she was dealing with.

Oga Paul will send me mails asking me to make it happen for us which I did. Oga Paul began to violate ExxonMobil policies and procedure which is a big thing. Violation of EM policies/ procedures is a No No in EM.

The corruption that went on was just too much. There was one that happened & I said No way, am reporting this one.

Called Uncle Udom as my Uncle and friend. I said Uncle, see what is going on, it is not fair. How can these people remove the names of Akwa Ibom women who qualified for this training and replace their names with people whose forms were not even reviewed?

They replaced the names of Akwa Ibom women with Ibo and Hausa women who at the time of the review of applications did not apply.

Make una judge this case? E good? E no good. Wetin no good bad well well.

Put myself in the shoes of these women and said No, this will never happen under my watch.

What did Uncle Udom tell me? He said, Mfon, don’t report it. If you do, they will say it is you that did not do your work well.

I was shocked to my bone marrow that a man who I thought had Integrity will tell me not to report gross corruption. To say the least I was totally disappointed in him.

Uncle Udom could not even say, Mfon, I will look into it and call them to order. He supported this great evil with his full chest.

Was friendly with the MD, Nolan O’Neil, called him. I said, Nolan, this is what is going on. The name of people who qualified for this training in the USA have been removed and replaced with names of people who did not apply. Nolan asked me if I was sure, responded, Yes, I am sure and have my evidence. He said, Go ahead.

Called the number Exxon provided to report such cases. My oh My, it was a big thing. 😆. I shook these people to their foundation.

Aunty Regina told me that I should not have reported it. Story! They all wanted to cover the evil done to Akwa Ibom women. Wasn’t going to take it at all.

Akwa Ibom Women deserve to be treated well. I am an Akwa Ibom woman to the core! Nothing can change it. Iban Isong o!

My fellow Akwa Ibomites that was the beginning of my exit out of MPN. 😆. Wetin concern me? I did not send.

Oga Paul and Aunty Rita were running helter skelter like chicken without head trying to manufacture lies to cover this gross wickedness. I dey one corner dey look dem.

Was friends with Oga Paul Arinze’s boss, The GOAT, Gordon Wong. He was based in Houston, Texas. Great man with a good heart. He told them that no matter what they do, they should not take that job from me.

These people wey no dey gree hear word did not just take the job from me, they continued their evil.

These people had a field day doing evil. No more did they make thr programs public. Aunty Regina was in charge so she will tell only her friends about the programs so they will apply and be taken.

Ensured these people did not succeed in their evil way. Then came the day I fired them one mail asking where we were on a certain program. Oga Paul Arinze almost died. He couldn’t believe the guts I had. Warri plus Port harcourt with a touch of Esit Eket blood gey like me? Una no serious ni.

Infact, I sent the mail to everyone in the department. Laughs. I demanded to know what was up with a certain program. Na dem start am na. The lady who was helping them run their corrupt practices sent a mail and I clicked Reply All.

Na dia their game cut. I shake these people fear catch them.

Now the General Overseer of them all, Uncle Udom Inoyo is telling me that he wants to become the Governor of Akwa Ibom State. No be juju be that?

Uncle, Go make Chris Ngige your senior colleague give you Minister. Shebi you were busy running to him instead of doing the right thing.

A whole former Vice Chairman could not call Aunty Regina to order, you siddon dia dey do like pepeye allow Aunty control you like small pikin.

Uncle, abeg Park well. U no dey go anywhere. You had the opportunity to transform the lives of Akwa Ibom people and make us the envy of others but no, You wanted to please that Aunty Regina that even if you give her your life for her, she will still do you strong thing at the slightest provocation.

Las Las Uncle Udom go step down.

I am Mfon Abia and on the truth I stand.

Thank you for reading my epistle. Na Uncle Udom cause am. That man worry.

Wisdom Bassey

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