FRANK ARCHIBONG: The Golden Egg In Udom’s Administration

-By Unwana Assam, Eket

In the words of the German-born theoretical physicist, Albert Einstein “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”. And according to Sheri L. Dew, an American author, True leaders understand that leadership is not about them but about those they serve. It is not about exalting themselves but about lifting others.

With the above quotes in mind, it can be said that being a politician is for all since man is a political being. Occupying a political office is for the few selected or elected as not everybody can occupy a political office, but being a true leader as a politician requires grace and the virtue of humility. In Akwa Ibom State and Nigeria at large today, we do not just need politicians, neither do we only need those to hold political offices or positions, we need true leaders.

As aforementioned, a true leader holds the interest of the masses at heart. Can we still find true leaders today in our society? My answer is YES. And if I am asked to mention one, I will gladly present to you a golden egg in the corridors of governance who has sacrificed so much to touch humanity not minding ones party affiliation.

He is one contemporary politician who despite his shortcomings will share eternal glory with our Lord Jesus because he has fulfilled the biblical injunctions of Proverbs chapters 11 and 18 respectively. One of whom many have asked questions about how he achieves the incredible, extraordinary feat of putting smiles on the faces of the Akwa Ibom people and beyond.

A man who has assumed the position of a servant-leader in government. An exquisite gentleman from Ikot Ibiok Village in Eket Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State-Honourable Frank Archibong.

Archibong is a man who holds firm to himself and puts into practice what he believes “giving cheerfully and serving his people”. These attributes we can testify are lacking in our politicians today.

Since the year 2015 when he was the Council Boss, he has been one of the pillars in Governor Udom Emmanuel’s government and has kept his record as one of the few persons in the Governors cabinet who hold and maintain the sanctity of his government.

He never leaves any stone unturned while carrying out any task assigned to him. His zeal is to put things right and it is this zeal and confidence that propels him to carry out his task to complement the governor’s philosophy.

His unflagging and excellent spirit of effective leadership to his people is rare to find. No wonder he is popularly referred to as “the Eagle’s eye” of Governor Udom’s government.

Honorable Frank Archibong is conversant with the principle of Public Relations which states that a government that does not recognize the intricacies of the Media and partners with them for the smooth running of the administration is bound to get into serious conflict and unending crises. Thus, he has developed a strong and diplomatic relationship with the Akwa Ibom State Media Community which has made him an unpronounced public relations manager in the present administration.

This established relationship with the Media has created a positive impact on the government of Governor Udom Emmanuel and has gone a long way to solidify the cordial relationship that exists between the present administration and the Media.

During one of his exclusive meetings with the members of the Fourth Estate from his Immediate Constituency, the “never found wanting” gentleman said “I’m not asking you not to do your job the way you should do it. As someone who is media-friendly, I know your duties as journalists, and that you are seen as the watchdogs by the people. But remember, that, the governor is also your brother; when you use one hand to push him away through your publications also use the other hand to draw him closer. You are free to criticize but please, be diplomatic, and sometimes, you can reach out to me in private and we can talk as brothers”.

Such a statement can only come from one born to be a leader, who has the interest of the people at heart and values relationships, and respects the principles of professionalism. It can only be made by someone who does not see himself above others despite his position, who is down to earth, and who believes that leadership has to do with service to humanity and nothing less.

However, there is no doubt that for Governor Udom Emmanuel to complete his tenure in office successfully with a smooth transition to another able hand, the man Honourable Frank Archibong, judging from his doggedness, resilience, and dedication to the success of this administration is and will be one of the major brains behind this success. Thus, posterity will always remember him as one of the hinges of the success stories of the government of Governor Udom Emmanuel.

Comrade Unwana Assam is a good governance advocate, social activist, and the CEO/Publisher of
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