Gov. Udom Emmanuel Reveals Who Will Succeed Him

The governor of Akwa Ibom State, Mr. Udom Emmanuel has hinted Akwa Ibom people on the characteristic of a man who may likely succeed him in 2023.

Without much cracks, one can simply decode and identify from among the teeming aspirants for governor who will take over from governor Udom Emmanuel, going by the excerpt of his statewide broadcast earlier today to mark his six years anniversary as the governor of Akwa Ibom State.

In his speech, the governor made it clear that and asked Akwa Ibom people whether they will prefer someone who likes throwing money on ground at the popular Ibom plaza in Uyo to the people, the one who will form a barricade of cabal in the state or the one who is enlightened and has an International connection to drive in development in the state and continue from where he stopped? The governor then threw it open for everyone to reflect on. In his statement;

“Fellow Akwa Ibomites, God has started doing a new thing in our State. He has already made a pathway through the wilderness and has already created rivers in the dry land, and mark my words, we will not return to the type of leadership that is big on noise and small in the execution of the big picture items. We will never go backward on the peace in our land, the steady and focused developments we have started. The line in our State anthem has made this faith manifestly clear: Forward ever and backward never!”

“So my dear Akawa Ibomites, if what you are desiring is a successor who will not have the capacity and the discipline to build a State where you and your children will live in peace and strive to excel, if you are desiring a successor who will turn back the clock of our developmental strides, if you are desiring a successor who will bring out the worst in our youths as opposed to galvanizing their energies and challenging them to be the best they can be, if you are desiring a leader who would not efficiently utilize the resources of this State on projects that have redeeming value then I am sorry to disappoint you, God will not give us such a successor.”

“We have gone too far ahead to retreat backward. So as you are engaging in prognostications, creating camps of loyalty, and getting consumed by who you th k my successor would be, always bear these thoughts in your mind. God is doing great things in our State and that invisible Hands will continue to steer the ship of this State and will not bring anyone who will negate our gains.”

Wisdom Bassey

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