By Novela Victor Akpan

Security of life and property of the citizens is a primary duty of any government. The absence of this attribute spells a state of anarchy. Thomas Hobbes, in his book ‘Leviathan’, visualized life in such a world as relentlessly insecure, brutish, and short.

According to governor Udom Emmanuel In 2018 “Government exists to provide services to the people across the nation; failure to abide by this need and demand means a grave abdication of a cardinal responsibility, and the resultant effect would be deep apathy and a resort to self-help approaches by the citizens, and that would not be good for us as state, country.

“I strongly believe, as a country, we still have so much to do in the areas of education and healthcare. Because, if we can, at least, provide the basic needs of the Nigerians, a whole lot of security and social problems would have been solved in this country.”

Under his capacity leadership young persons, women groups, intellectual minds, religious groups, NGOs, for 6 years have been involved in organizing symposiums and forums, programs where young people, elderly, stakeholders, even some opposition members in our state are given the opportunity to craft ideas and ways in which we can contribute to the sustenance of our fragile peace and encouraged growth. A strategic approach that has reduced kidnapping, violence and social vices in our state.

Sadly, our state was faced with unrest which ended in 2015. During those periods, our opposition leaders flee the state, investors avoided the state, Many lives were taken away, some kidnapped and human rights were abused. Since governor Udom came onboard, we are in the process of developing our state, through a peaceful industrial approach. This is a clear example that without peace our development as a state cannot be realized.

For years, state Leaders and great organizations have fought for sustainable peace because without peace it becomes impossible for us to live in a safe space as Akwa Ibomites where we can call our homes.

Dwight D. Eisenhower, the 34th President of the United States said, ” We seek peace, knowing that peace is the climate of freedom.

The freedom of opposition criticizing the government, and government taken proactive decisions that weaken the opposition demarketing tactics instead of kidnapping and forcefully sending them out of our state is a clear indication. It clearly shows that, a peaceful government welcomes constructive criticism and take proactive actions.

Governor Udom is more significant than other economic determinants of physical and human capital accumulation. Peace contributes to state economic growth by ways of increasing productivity in capital and labor, good governance, tourist arrival. efficient institutions as well as Industrialization.

To this end, Governor Udom Emmanuel remains a symbol of peace and unity even his few critics know this fact.

Wisdom Bassey

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