Guber 2023 and People’s Perspectives on Senator OBA

  • By Unwana Assam

It is no longer news that the race for the 2023 general elections in Nigeria has started at a high velocity and has gathered momentum, even beyond what anyone could envisage or think of.

For about two years now, even far more before the elections 2023, Akwa Ibom State as one of the most politically dominated states in the country, is most probably tensed in such a way that citizens started wondering and pondering about who could be the possible candidate for governorship come 2023, and eventually takes over from the incumbent Governor, Udom Emmanuel.

However, among the aspirants for the gubernatorial race, Senator Bassey Albert Akpan popularly called, Oba whose senatorial district, the governorship seat is unilaterally micro-zoned to, has made more news in the state than any other aspirant. In fact, OBA becomes the talk of the town on the daily basis. Many allege that he is affiliated to one cult group or the other, hmmmmmm… The question to the subject matter is, how true is it?

And so, one may ask, who is this OBA in the first place? Does he have the experiential capacity grandeur to become governor in the state? Well, it is good at this juncture to know that Senator OBA is a two-term senator representing Uyo senatorial district.

Anyone with a clear sounded ear must have heard from somewhere, or from anybody that, Senator OBA is one aspirant being taunted in the state as a “Cultist” or belonging to a secret cult.

Considering what cultism has done in our state in previous administrations and to the society at large; the havoc caused, destabilizing, destroying, and vandalizing lives and properties within and outside our environs, then whoever is said to be a cultist in a state such as ours is prone to public attack and condemnation, especially since the Akwa Ibom State Government proscribed it in the year 2020. But then, what is the hallmark of knowing a real cultist? who is really a cultist? Personally, I wouldn’t know as I am neither a cultist nor a member of any secret organization apart from that of the church of God.

It is understood that politics in our clime is synonymous with blackmails and betrayal, especially in a time like this where technology vis-a-vis social media becomes very much instrumental in engineering public political matters. In this way, it becomes very easy to display all kinds of falsehoods in order to dastardly degrade one’s personality, especially in a time like this in the political hemisphere like in the case of Senator Albert Akpan who is being placed in a dark channel of social media postulations and negatively talked about (blackmailed), making people believe, and conceptualized that he is a “cultist.” Remember, I hold no brief for nobody!

It is understood that every regime or government always comes with its own cabal and mode of operations. Meanwhile, the people’s minds have already been practically configured with a perspective or to have the impression that, if OBA becomes the governor of Akwa Ibom State, the state will be turned into a state where only cabal and cult elitists would feast in the government affairs and become the only cock to crow without a common man having a say as such the state could be returned to the days of old (insecurity and killings).

Who are the people making these claims around? I don’t know. Who is he that is fit enough to be the next governor of Akwa Ibom state and another is not? I don’t know. Who is a cultist and who is not a cultist? I don’t know. Who among the aspirants does not belong to a secret organization? I don’t know, at least for now! It is only God that knows what people are, and what they are practicing even as everyone carries a human face.

I am not a party delegate, I don’t have a favorite candidate yet but I have it on good ground that, it is only God that knows the mind of man in power and he gives power to whom he is so pleased. Someone may be a cultist, he becomes a governor tomorrow and performs very well, and secures lives and property. On the other hand, someone may be a “Jew Man” (like system men would call…) and performs below expectations. Being a cultist or none cultist does not determine a good governor. But God forbid a known cultist becoming our next governor.

In as much as I don’t want what happened in the days of old to repeat in our dear state where lives and property were destroyed at random, and I don’t want a practicing “secret cultist” who still “claws” his fellow cultists at events to become the next governor of Akwa Ibom state, it is my humble opinion that every aspirant in 2023 should be provided a level playground without stereotyping or blackmailing anybody in the name of being a Cultist, Rosicrucian or Seadogs. As far as politics is concerned, nobody is completely perfect/innocent. In politics, to remain in power, everyone has his dark side and it will amount to arrant pettiness to use cultism to yang off or smear an aspirant’s personality even as we all know, nobody is perfect.

Comrade Unwana Assam is a good governance advocate, activist, and the publisher of

Wisdom Bassey

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