GURU Village:A Call For Action.

Guru is a village of outstanding history and heritage. It is located at Jos road, west to Bauchi town. It majorly consists of Muslims and Christians populace who are mostly farmers, civil servants and other menial jobs.

Like all other villages very close to cities that lack basic social amenities, the village of Guru has its own peculiar challenges: the absence of electricity, water, roads and so on. Other problems looming over the village include school and adequate health care system.

The situation that this community found itself is a clear indication that the last administration of MA Abubakar did nothing to help the people of this important village.

The sources of water to the inhabitants of this village are only two boreholes,a motorised and a solar one,which are inadequate considering the teeming population of the community,you will also be surprised to know that this community has no single facility as a hospital,the absence of this facility in the area is very threatening,people had to come to the city with no matter how small their case is,the only private hospital in the community can not be afford by all,hence the need for the government intervention or any well meaning individual who can affor,to provide one for them.

Another sad and pitiable situation of this community is the education sector,with decades of it’s existence and population, the town have only two blocks of classrooms that is been partitioned in the middle with a zinc to accommodate the teeming population of it’s pupils, the other block was dillapidated and out of use for years,this pitiable situation forced the community to have a class under a tree,something that requires serious government intervention.

The community’s road is not up to a kilometer from the main Jos road, it becomes highly dilapidated, the situation that,once it is rainy season, commuters, especially achaba and keke napep riders migrate from the route,something that also forced the people had to trek from the community to the main road,something that is very difficult to the old ages,children and the pregnant mothers.

It is in this regard I would like to appeal, on behalf of the entire people of Guru, to all meaning individual both elected and appointed officials,local and international NGOs to come to the rescue of these people and ameliorate and ease their way of living by providing them with basic amenities in the village.

On a personal note, we will forward this call to the agencies concerned and all other stakeholders like the Bauchi State Water Board, Ministry of Local Government Affairs, Ministry of Works, Primary Health Care Development Agency etc.

It is equally important for every patriotic sons of Bauchi State that come across this piece to use any means available to him or her to see that the people of Guru are ameliorated.

Guru’s lack of some basic amenities is similar to almost all the settlements in the outskirts of most of the cities,take Sabon Layi along Kano road, Abujan Kwata,Madinah quarters and Old grave yard,communities of behind vocational and Kandahar,Zango area and old airport communities,Lukshi and Sabon Kaura communities all have the same scenarios.

Our called to the authorities for the provisions of basic social amenities to the hard to reach communities in both closed to cities and remote villages is not aimed at attacking their personality or trying to make them become unpopular,rather, we are only contributing our own quota to the development of our society.

Guru village needs a serious action.

Isyaka Laminu Badamasi
[email protected]

Wisdom Bassey

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