• By Unwana Assam

In one of the his articles entitled, “Ethics of Leadership”, Prof. Pantaleon Ireogbu (Fada Kpim), defined leadership as “the responsibility of conducting a people or group towards the achievements of determined goals. It entails being in charge, as well as having the power to direct the affairs of such people to arrive at expected results” (Iroegbu, 2005:246).

From the quotation above, it is glaring that this definition of leadership has three basic elements, namely: responsibility, people or group, and Goals. This means that leadership is a responsibility; leadership is for people who can inspire and motivate members to bring out the best in them for best results, and lastly, leadership is a goal to be realized, especially as it pertains to a political community.

In leadership, until one gets oneself involved, one may never know what it is all about. One must pass the routes where the most common people in the society pass through. Hon. Akaninyene Tommey, the councillor representing the good people of Ward2 in Eket Legislative Council fits into our description of who a leader is and what is expected of a good leader. In Eket Legislative Council, he is not a new face, personality nor name in Eket local government in particular and Ekid nation as a whole. He has, as a matter of fact, paid his dues of “stewardship” in leadership. He is not a serial politician known by the people for dicta like, “I will get back to you”, but never did, talk to but never had solutions to offer, approached but never responded, promised but never fulfilled, talked but never did”. Hon. Akan Tommey is a man imbued with a heart of gold. He is philanthropic, charitable, human and humane in character and nature. He is approachable, coordinated; he is peoples-oriented, smart, full of life, intelligent and with the zeal to serve his people. This is such a leader befitting of Eket and its people. Eket needs nothing less than the person of Hon. Tommey. As the emerging leader of Eket/Ekid nation, Hon. Tommey has redefined what leadership is all about. He has made all to see and believe that, giving a youth an opportunity to serve is never a mistake but a rare privilege accorded with the special grace of God. This, Hon. Tommey has never taken for granted.

In a time like this where every part of the country, especially Ekid Nation is crying for good leadership, looking for a leader who truly has the interest of his people at heart, who means well for his people, it will never be out of place to have the person of Hon. Akaninyene Tommey occupying the first position in Eket local government and it is only in his kind of personality, Eket and its people can be taken forward. He is the right man for the job. Based on these judgements, it is then prejudiced by Eket people to look critically at the rare attributes and qualities of Hon. Tommey about leadership and give him all the necessary support that he needs in order to win and be ready to pilot the affairs of Eket local government as the next chairman who will aggressively take it to the greater heights from where Hon. Frank Archibong stopped.

Comrade Unwana Assam is a social Commentator, Blogger, writes from Eket.


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