Hon. Eseme Eyiboh: A Reservoir Of Knowledge And Human Capacity Development

The name Eseme Eyiboh, a native of a small community in Esit Eket L.G.A. is not strange or new. It’s a long-time household name in Ekid and Akwa Ibom State.

The name, Eseme Eyiboh cannot be mentioned in any gathering across the globe without positive applause and ovation from all and sundry.

Although the name “Eseme”, In Ekid dialect literally means, “Solemn Lamination”, our own Eseme has re-defined and demystified the nomenclature over the years, giving it a joyful happy meaning.

He is an avid reader, expert, professional and educated cum public speaker, a seasoned motivator, and above all, a human capacity developer of sort.

The one-time parliamentarian is not the kind of person that takes it all alone. He owns it and allows others to partake and have a fair share.

The indefatigable son of Esit Eket does not believe in any shortcut to success and laziness syndrome that has beclouded a greater fabric of our society. He goes about his day-to-day engagements tenaciously, sincerely, and devoid of any hypocrisy. Sequel, he detests every pretentious attitude.

To help bring out the best in people, Eyiboh does not believe in just dashing out money, especially after he must have discovered that you have a talent in you to develop. Rather, he believes in nurturing the talents and abilities in every individual to make them independent today and beyond.

Using this methodology, Hon. Eseme has taken many youths both in Esit Eket, Akwa Ibom, and across the country through due process, and today, many of them are sailing and soaring in their different fields of endeavours. Many youths have been taken from grass to grace through the instrumentality of the son of the teacher, Eseme.

For the benefit of the reading public, with different data and records at bare, Eseme Eyiboh is not just a talking drum without impact. He has developed and empowered many people irrespective of their tribe, race, or culture. Hon. Eseme Eyiboh is a reservoir of knowledge and human capacity developer. He is the true definition of grace, hard work, and success that must be studied, and protected in this part of the world.

As someone who damned the odds and made it without knowing anybody at the top, the son of Eyiboh hitherto believed and still does that, anybody, no matter the background can also make it in life.

With all these credentials at bare, one can simply adduce that, the aspiration of Hon. Eseme Eyiboh to represent the good people of Eket, Esit Eket, Ibeno, and Onna federal constituency in the House of Representatives come 2023 is not only a step in the right direction but a dream that all hands must be on deck to ensure, it comes to pass.

Wisdom Bassey

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