How To Be A Good Politician In Nigeria

How To Be A Good Politician In Nigeria:

Nigeria is a political entity kind of country of its own. Research shows that, Nigeria is one of the countries in the world that is holistically involved in politics. In order to be a good politician and people see you as same in Nigeria, there are things one has to do to fit in. These are;

  • BE SOCIABLE: In Nigeria, one can not necessarily make it and fit in if does not know how to mingle and socialize with people. Politics in Nigeria entails socialization and networking and it’s one of the vital ways to make it big and popular in the Nigerian political system.
  • BE PHYSICALLY AVAILABLE: Another way of doing big in Nigerian politics is ones availability. This is because, most times the people donot want money from their Leaders but their physical presence. Some people are satisfied with the physical presence of their Leaders that not even any amount of money can be quantified.
  • GIVING FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE: One of the ways where a politician in Nigeria is being rated as being good and performing excellently is the grace and the mind to give money. As a matter of fact, the people in this part of the world use money to rate their Leaders. In a nutshell, if a leader does not give, he automatically becomes a bad leader in the eyes of the people. In Nigeria, if a politician does not have money and contests anything, the possibility of failing is always exponential than envisaged.
  • KNOW HOW TO LIE WHEN NECESSARY: The ability to tell lies and cover up some events in the Nigerian Political system is what makes a good and big politician. In Nigeria, no politician can be truthful in all ramifications. It’s either he lies during campaign or elections to get votes or make a financial pledges he knows he is not going to redeem. In Nigeria, lies is synonymous with politics. So it’s not possible for one to be a politician or hold Political office in Nigeria and not tell lies.
  • HONOR EVENT INVITES: As a public servant in Nigeria, one’s desk is filled with event invites of all sorts. Ranging from child dedication, Marriage ceremonies, funeral, commissioning of projects, seminar, symposium, meeting, festival, thanksgiving, etc. In a situation when a day is loaded with events, in other to make it to all, one is expected to step legs for minutes in each event or send a representative to the ones he is not able to attend but not responding sparks rumours and questions.
  • BE OUTSPOKEN: Of course being outspoken in Nigeria is one of the ingredients of being a good politician. One can’t be quiet over everything and only talks when things concern him personally. In Nigeria, a politician is rated based on how much and deep he has involved in the societal affairs.
  • BE STREET OREINTED: To be a good politician in Nigeria, one is expected to be street oriented. As in, a leader should be able to feel what the people on the streets feel. Policies should be mild and moderate enough to favour the street and in order to do this, a politician is expected to mingle and interact with people in the street in order to know the real situation of things. Mostly, it’s the people on the street that make up the votes as such, in order to be a good and worthy politician with love and support of the masses, one is expected to be street oriented.

Wisdom Bassey

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