How To Keep A Simple Lifestyle:

We are in the society where everyone wants to prove to the society that, they have made it in life thus, feeling pompous and show themselves important to the eyes of the people.

To say the least, in this era of social media, nobody appears to be poor especially among the youth folks. Everyone is rich but deep Inside, nothing to boast of. Hence, in such a society, keeping a simple lifestyle has become a big task for some people. Thus, the topic, how to keep a simple lifestyle;

  • CONTROL YOUR CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: For one to be able to keep a simple lifestyle, you must be able to control your circle of friendship. In a nutshell, You choose who to be your friend and who not to be your friend. People make friends for different reasons as such, you must choose and define your friendship with people.
  • CHOOSE THE EVENT TO ATTEND: As a person, you don’t attend every event you are invited to. Nobody that wants to control his/her circle of life and live a simple and unique lifestyle does that. Peope choose and Mark out which events they are to attend and the ones they are not to attend. This helps maintain your sanity, integrity and simple lifestyle.
  • BE SOCIABLE TO ALL BUT TALK TO LESS: Being sociable makes life flexible and keeps it going well. Being sociable is all about meeting people, exchange pleasantries and move on and nothing more. But talking entails alot. Being sociable does not mean one should talk everything. There are things you don’t tell or discuss with people for the good of your security and integrity. That is, you meet people, exchange pleasantries and move on without getting to discuss your issues with people you donot know or trust. Learn to talk less especially when on mission to achieve something.
  • BE HUMBLE: Humility is the peak of a simple lifestyle. If one is not humble, there is no possible way of keeping a simple lifestyle.
  • KNOW GOD: In order to keep a simple lifestyle, one must know God. God himself is humility and it is well inscribed in the Bible. He that is humble shall rise. God does not like a proud man hence, he is likely to deprive a proud man of certain benefits of life.
  • BE CONTENTED: A man who is not contented can never live a simple life. It is not possible anywhere. When you don’t look at what your friends have and be hungry or angry of it, one will be able to live a simple lifestyle. If one can avoid the pressure of having everything his/her peer group have, simple lifestyle now comes in because a simple lifestyle thrives where there is contentment.
  • WORK HARD: When one works hard and acquire all he has with his/her hard earned money, he will not have reason but to stay humble. Working hard comes with sense of exposure and independency. When one realizes that all he has acquired is from his/her hard earned money and not awoof, such person does not need anybody’s advice but to stay humble and live a simple lifestyle.
  • READ BOOKS: It is through reading of books that one can be exposed to what life is all about. Books exposes one to many things and that is to realize that, maintaining a simple lifestyle is a must and it is for the positive growth of man.



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