How To Overcome The Effects Of Harmattan

In Nigeria, having harmattan in the month of February seems to be very strange. It is something that has never happened before hence the reason many people scream.

Nigeria is one of the few countries with good and equable weather conditions. Harmattan season is usually a short period of 2-3months that is between October and January. Though there was not much harmattan in November, December and even January 2021 but having it coming back to stay in the month of February is what nobody ever expected.

To understand how to manage the second phase of harmattan, here are the few things to do to overcome the effects:

  • Take early morning bath and rub cream. Note that, the cream must be oily so as to remain on your skin for a while.
  • Wear Sweaters or Pullover. In this kind of season, it is advised for one to wear clothes that cover the body. With this kind of cloth, one can hardly feel the effect of harmattan.
  • Do Exercises. Engaging self in exercises or any form of workout is encouraging in this season. Doing exercise will moisturize the skin and bring out the sweat. With this, harmattan can never be felt.
  • Get a Vaseline or baby pear that contains oil to rub on some spots on the body that are exposed to the weather. These are spots on the body that are mostly affected by harmattan. To some people with such skin, it is always embarrassing. So in order to curb it, it is advised to get Vaseline or baby oil to rub everyday.

Wisdom Bassey

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