How To Stay Relevant In Politics

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Every profession has its rules; if respected, would shoot a dedicated practitioner to the limelight. Politics is one of those professions.Politics, as a profession, has its rules, which should be obeyed by anyone that wishes to be successful and relevant in it.In a nutshell, this is to say that there are things a political player must do in order to stay relevant in politics.

This article would take a look at some of the rules that should be obeyed and practiced by politicians if they want to make it in the field.

A good politician should be firm in his political party. At times, people loose respect and integrity because of their unfaithfulness to their political parties. They jump from one  party to another with months and short possible times. Supporters easily loose faith in these kind of politicians and hardly take them seriously. They believe that such politicians are only out for their self aggrandizements and not for the Interest of the  people. Therefore, a politician is highly respected when he sticks to one political party; supports it; defends it, and promotes it.
Also, as a good party man, fund and support your political party. One of the things that give politicians firm is using personal money to fund the activities of their political parties. Such people in politic are always given their revered place and position in the party. Most often, political appointments and slots are allotted to them without lobbying.
Another way of being relevant in politics is being an authentic member of a political party. This calls for being registered member of the party. It is usually believed that the first political step of a supposed politician is to be registered with a political party as well as also acquiring the party card. When people know you as an authentic card carrying member of a party, you could be addressed by them as a politician.
Another important rule in politicking is being vocal. The ability to speak out when necessary makes one a good politician. As a politician, you do not allow yourself to be cowed anyhow no matter how loyal you may be. When you allow yourself to be cowed anyhow, people loose interest and confidence in you. 
In politics, do not  talk nnnecessarily. Any politician that gossips and talks unnecessarily easily looses the goodwill and trust of the people. In politics, the moment people know that you gossip and talk too much and anyhow, you will stop hearing the secret when decisions are made; will never be called to be part when making top decisions. This is because it is believed that, one who gossips and talks anyhow is a threat and will disclose out important secrets to the opponent.
Again, you need to be a man of your Words. This means that  although people believe politics is a dirty game and that whoever joins politics can never say the truth or stands by his/her word, there are still some good people in politics who say a thing and stand by it. These type of people in politics command a lot of respect and they can never be insulted anyhow. So in order to be relevant in politics, be a man of your word and speak the truth always.

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