How To Stay Safe On Social Media To Avoid Threat To Blackmail.

Since the advent of social media, one can say without mincing words that, blackmail is synonymous to social media. However, in this edition, we want to bring to you how you can operate on social media and stay safe without any threat of blackmail.

– Do not do any business transaction with anybody on the social media be it on facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram unless you know and trust such person or company.

– Do not exchange nude pictures with anybody on social media except otherwise.

– Do not chat dirty with anybody.

– Do not send death threats on the social media to anybody.

– Avoid making video calls on any chatting app unless you know the person and with permission.

– Do not establish discussion about anybody with some one you don’t know or trust on the social media

– Avoid sharing posts that have to do with character and names assassination.

– Avoid keeping your sex videos with your partner on your phone.

– Do not send your bank details to someone you don’t know or trust.

– Delete every defamatory posts/videos from your page as soon as possible.

– Avoid sex chat with your online friends as much as possible except with your trusted partner.

– Do not plan any coup against anybody on the social media.

– Avoid posting your partner’s sexual videos or chats on the social media.

– Chat and respond to chats with only those you know or trust.

– Avoid cursing people on the social media

– Do not reveal your hard/trying moment on the social media

– Do not discuss your sexual weak points with anybody on the social media and lastly,

– Do not blackmail anybody on the social hence, you won’t go far in it.



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