I Am A Lion, I Stand With Those Who Stand With Me, FFK Prides Himself

I stand with those who stand with me and I honor those who honor me. I make no apology for that. I am not a fickle friend. Most do not know the meaning of true friendship or loyalty but I do.

I stand with my friends, whether old or new, no matter their shortcomings and weaknesses and I fight my enemies no matter their virtues and strength. I am a lion and I never back down. If you doubt it, try me. If I think you are worthy I will hit back speedily with devastating consequences. If I think you are not worthy I will ignore you.

I never forget a favour and I never forgive a slight. I have a long memory. I pick my battles and I strike when I choose, always aiming for the head or the heart of my adversary with the deepest and most fatal blow.

War is my natural abode and I thrive in it. Conflict is my natural habitat and I enjoy it. The battle gives me joy and gets my adrenaline flowing. This is especially so when it is very hot. The hunt makes my heart beat faster and for me the kill is the greatest prize and feeling on earth.

Glory is my goal: that years after I am dead and gone men will say, like the great Achilles, who killed Hector and took the City of Troy, the bold Horatio who held the Roman gate, the courageous Alexander who conquered the world, the fearless Leonides who led the Spartan 300, the brave Ertugrul Gazi who crushed the Mongols, the gallant Ragnar Lothbrook who brought glory to the Vikings, the unbeatable Beowulf who brought light where there was darkness, I stood firm, I held the line, I refused to give an inch, I kept the flag flying and I fought to the end.

My friends love and adore me and my enemies hate me with passion and fear me. Whichever way I am living rent-free in their heads and they are utterly obsessed with me. This I love and cherish more than anything else.

Most important of all I am an enigma and I am unpredictable. You cannot read me or fathom my thoughts. And that is as it should be. That is how I like it.

I have been betrayed by those I risked my life and liberty for and that I cherished and defended and I have been encouraged, honored and applauded by those I have derided and vehemently opposed. I have seen and experienced all sorts and can testify to the utter depravity, treachery and wickedness of man.

I have learnt the hard way that the only constant factor in life is God, that human beings cannot be trusted and that a friend today can be an enemy tomorrow whilst an enemy of yesterday can be a friend today.

Whichever way, my sword is always drawn, my shield is always lifted and I can never been taken by surprise. I view applause with indifference and condemnation with contempt: neither of the two moves me.

I am a lion: I seek not and neither do I need the validation of others. I am the King of the jungle. I am unbeatable, irrepressible, unstoppable and I do not know the meaning of fear. I am FFK.

Wisdom Bassey

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