If You Want To Live A Decent Life, Abide With These Rules:

Living the kind of life and responsible person can see and admire entails so many things. Living a decent life is not only in public rather, it also has to do with individuality and privacy; In a nutshell, you live a good and decent life style where anybody can see and pray to emulate both when you are alone where nobody can see you and when you are in public.

A decent life goes beyond eye services. You do what you are comfortable with and what pleases your real and true conscience.

Now look at the following things to do in order to live a decent life;

  • BE TRUTHFUL: In all ramifications, try to be truthful whether there is a prize involved or not. Although being truthful in our kind of society is very tasking and difficult but a sincere person always stands out. In 2019, a woman who earned less than #20k in her cleaning work in Airport found and returned a huge amount of money a passenger forgot in the convenience. Eventually, in appreciation of the woman’s sincerity and faithfulness, she was prompted to the higher position and her salary increased. Also, the President of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari gave her an award and some good packages. That is what truthfulness can caused. Although at times, people regret being truthful in one way or the other because of the way they were being treated aftermath but the truth remains, living a decent live requires being truthful.
  • DO NOT WOMANISE: Womanising is one of the reasons many men are stagnant with no physical growth in life. Studies says; womanising weakens a man both physically and spiritually. There are women with evil spirits and any man unfortunate to have an intimate affair with such woman is bound to break physically and spiritually.
  • MEDITATE: Meditation is one of the important ways to examine one’s life. Meditation literally means; stop talking and reexamine your life once again about the past events. This will help you to amend and restrategise your ways…In other words; another way of knowing whether one is progressing or retrogressing is by meditation. Meditation helps one physically and spiritually to built your self esteem.
  • KEEP SILENCE WHEN NECESSARY: A responsible and decent person is known through when and how he/she talks. Remaining silence at times also helps in avoiding troubles. Too much of talking, from studies has led many people to Prison and Court. You talk only when you know and sure and remain silence when u don’t know and sure.
  • CLEANLINESS: Even the Bible says; Cleanliness is next to godliness. The first thing that portrays a man as living a decent life is when he’s physically clean and neat. By this, you dress decently, put on nice cloths, smell well, keep a nice hair cut, finger nails… Nobody is described as being decent when something bad is oozing out from mouth and body. So, whoever wants to live a decent life must pay attention to his/her personal hygiene.
  • PRAY: A decent man goes to God in prayer and not the other way round. If you want to live a decent and stress free life, you stop visiting where you are not sure of and involving yourself in rituals that will get you workedup day and night. Living a decent life also requires freedom and peace of mind.
  • KEEP ONE WOMAN AT A TIME: Keeping more than one woman really drains a man. Such man finds it difficult to save money because all he has will go into his many girlfriends. So if desire to live a decent life, avoid keeping more than one woman in your life at a time.


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