Imo State Youths Write Fr. Mbaka; Say Emeka Ihedioha Is Not At War With Him

Unwana Assam

It could be recalled that, shortly before the Supreme Court judgement on Imo state governorship, Rev. Fr. Mbaka, the Spiritual director of Adoration Ministry in Enugu state prophesied that, senator Hope Uzodinma who was not a governor then will be the governor of Imo State. In many of his prophesies, he insisted that something shocking will happen in Supreme Court which will make the then governor, Mr. Emeka Ihedioha to step down. Behold, that same week after the prophesy, the unexpected happened in Supreme Court where senator Hope Uzodinma was declared winner of the 2019 governorship election in Imo State. Immediately, the apex Court also ordered INEC to issue certificate of return to Hope Uzodinma and subsequently sworn him into office as the duly elected governor of Imo State while Emeka Ihedioha stepped down immediately.

Since then, Fr. Mbaka has been making series of prophesies against Emeka Ihedioha and this prompted many Nigerians to ask whether Ihedioha had issue with Fr. Mbaka before?

In light of the foregoing, the concerned youths of Imo state today drafted an open letter to Fr.Mbaka; reminding him that, Ndi Imo are not at war with each other as Fr. Mbaka always postulated in his prophesies. Therefore, they warned him to desist from sowing seed of discord among Imo people. The letter reads;

“Dear Fr. Mbaka

Ndị Imo are not at war with You.

Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha is not at war with you. Politics is not war. In Imo, we love ourselves, it is Ndị Imo First in all we do. It is not and has never been a winner takes all for us’ as politicians but for the benefit and growth of our State. We must eschew hatred, politics of bitterness and anger, we must show the world that Ndị Imo and Ndị Igbo love themselves. We must not use the alter to preach hate and spread same, we must use the alter of God to promote peace and Unity amongst our People and show the world that Politics can not divide us but that what bond us together is greater than that which divide us.

“Dear Father Mbaka, The Church and the state have always found a common ground to give spiritual succour to our people (the Church) and provide the needed Direction for State Growth (Politics) we should never use one against those aspiring to see to the progress of the community through the other. We should not become promoters of hate using our privileged position in Society.

While we respect your political disposition, we Urge that you use your position in the church to preach love, peace and not to make our people Here in Imo enemies of each other.

May God Bless All Lovers of peace and May God continue to bless those who preach love to one another.

May God Bless Imo State”.

Wisdom Bassey

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